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3 Tz’ikin (28th January 2024)

3 Tz'ikinThe usual clarity of sight of Tz’ikin may be clouded by external circumstances, today you may need to rely on your inner vision.


Sometimes days which carry a usually fortunate nawal are modified by a number to create a less conducive energy.  Tz’ikin days are usually enjoyable. They are social, visionary and prosperous. However, today it is possible that all of those qualities are obstructed by the influence of the number three. The energy of the number three may bring doubts, instability and challenges. Its combination with the highly positive energy of the nawal Tz’ikin may cause its effect to be softened. That said, it is possible that this Tz’ikin day may not be as beneficial as other Tz’ikin days.

It could be implied that this is a challenging day on which to do business. Moreover, true prosperity may be blocked by a lack of vision or an inability to focus. Also, a bigger problem could be believing that you have a true and clear vision, only to find that it has been distorted. This could lead to make potentially costly mistakes. Consequently, it would be better to leave any important business dealings for another day.

The most positive aspect of the 3 relates to the home, and perhaps this will be a more fortunate place to focus Tz’ikin‘s visionary aspects today. This is a day to work on your inner vision for the future, possibly to meditate on what your options are to bring prosperity to your home. In fact, it is a perfect day for quietly working on your inner vision.


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