April 2024

Here are the days of the Chol Q’ij mapped onto the Gregorian month of April 2024.

This will be quite an active time astronomically. On the 9 Kame (8th April 2024) there is a total solar eclipse in North America which cuts a line from southwest to northeast. This will be visible as a partial eclipse here in Guatemala.

Shortly afterwards, on 2 E’ (14th April 2024), Venus will disappear from our morning sky according to the Dresden Codex. It will enter its period of superior conjunction, where it travels on the opposite side of the Sun to the Earth. Interestingly with Venus so close to the sun it may be plainly visible during the totality of the eclipse for those under the path of totality. According to the Dresden Codex, Venus will reappear as an evening planet on 1 Iq’ (13th July 2024)

Finally, for those of you here in Guatemala at around 15 degrees north of the equator, the Solar Zenith transit will occur on 5 Q’anil (30th April 2024). It occurs twice per year, usually on or around 30th April and 13th August. This is the day when you will have no elongation of your shadow at midday. The sun will be directly overhead at solar noon and your shadow will just be a little puddle beneath you. This is an important day to make sure your corn is in the ground ready for the coming rains.

12 No’j / 2024 Calendar

My 2024 calendar is now available. The calendar shows the days of the Chol Q’ij, formatted onto the Gregorian calendar. This year it is available electronically as a PDF in both English and Spanish. Printed versions, in English, are available locally here in Guatemala, from Palo Santo and Lava Love Cacao in San Marcos. It is also available at the candle shop of Nana Maria Feliciana, opposite Banrural in San Juan la Laguna. See this link for details on how to get your pdf.

If you are in the USA and you would like a physical copy of the 2024 /12 No’j Calendar, you can now find them for sale with Soul Lift Cacao. Follow this link https://soulliftcacao.com/collections…

Google Calendar Plugin

For the more technically minded I have also created a plugin for Google Calendar. This enables you to track the days of the sacred calendar on your smartphone. In this way you can ensure that your activities are aligned to the most conducive energies! I have also added a description to every day, just click on the day name. It is available for purchase here

Please click the calendar for a larger version to print out if you would like to. Below the calendar are clickable links to my interpretation of the energy of each of the days.

Gregorian dateDay Name (Clickable)Keywords, ideas, concepts
12 KawokNew life in relationships, self sacrifice brings rebirth
23 AjpuFinding the divinity within, challenged to see it in the world
34 ImoxStabilising the dream to the physical plane
45 Iq'Working  on communication and change
56 Aq'ab'alStabilising the new dawn or new concept
67 K'atEnd of the harvest, end of the burden
78 KanCelebration of empowerment and wisdom
89 KameTransformation through the feminine principle
910 KejStrength through cooperation and community
1011 Q'anilMany ways to ripeness, abundance all around
1112 TojPaying back life debts
1213 Tz'iFaith in the spirit world, justice from and for the ancestors
131 B'atzCreating the new fabric, the new weaving
142 E'Exploring partnership, self-sacrifice for your path
153 AjInner balance brings harmony in the home
164 IxPhysically stabilising the magic
175 Tz'ikinWorking on your vision to thrive
186 AjmakForgiveness from or for the family
197 No'jFinishing the ideas, choosing between the plans
208 TijaxHealing ceremony day
219 KawokCelebration of midwives and female healers
2210 AjpuFinding the divine in community
2311 ImoxStrong, but directionless dreams
2412 Iq'The voice of experience speaks
2513 Aq'ab'alConception from the spirit world
261 K'atBeginning to gather the harvest
272 KanSelf-sacrifice brings wisdom, power in relationships
283 KameLook inside for spiritual transformation
294 KejBringing the strength of the wilderness to the world
305 Q'anilWorking on the maturing process