July 2024

Here are the days of the Chol Q’ij mapped onto the Gregorian month of July 2024.

During July 2024, Venus will make its reappearance in the evening sky. According to the Dresden Codex, this will occur on the day 1 Iq’, 13th July 2024. Around this day, if you have good eyesight, you will see Venus appear on the horizon just after sunset.

The Delta Aquarids meteor shower falls on the night of the 29th/30th. This is known as a moderate shower and it will fall approximately 1 week after the full moon. Moonrise will be around midnight and the constellation of Aquarius, from where the meteors appear to radiate, will rise in the early evening. Therefore, the best time to see the meteor shower will probably be between 8 pm and midnight.


My whole 2024 / 12 No’j calendar is also available as a pdf. The calendar shows the days of the Chol Q’ij, formatted onto the Gregorian calendar for the entire year through to February 2025. It also includes astronomical events and my brief interpretation of the energy of each day. It is available electronically as a PDF in both English and Spanish. See this link for details on how to get your pdf https://thefourpillars.net/2024-calendar-is-now-available/

If you are in the USA and would like a physical copy of the 2024 /12 No’j Calendar, you can also find them for sale with Soul Lift Cacao. Follow this link https://soulliftcacao.com/products/mayan-calendar-english-2024

Printed versions, in English, have been available in Guatemala but are now running low. However, you may be able to still find a copy in Lava Love Cacao in San Marcos.

If you are the more technically minded I have created a plugin for Google Calendar which will enable you to track the days of the sacred calendar on your smartphone. It will also give a summary of the energy of the day. This way you can ensure that your activities are aligned to the most conducive energies! It is available for purchase here https://thefourpillars.net/google-calendar-plugin/

Please click the calendar for a larger version to print out if you would like to. Below the calendar are clickable links to my interpretation of the energy of each of the days. Please be aware that although they might refer to Gregorian dates in the past. The energy of the day according to the sacred calendar will be the same.


July 2024

Gregorian dateDay Name (Clickable)Keywords, ideas, concepts
12 Tz'iFaith and trust in partnership, unconditional love in relationships
23 B'atzInner creativity, stifled expresssion
34 E'Stable journey, the physical path
45 AjLeadership work, community work brings harmony
56 IxStabilising the Earth and her spirit
67 Tz'ikinFinalising prosperity, choose your vision.
78 AjmakForgiveness ceremonies
89 No'jFeminine logic
910 TijaxCommunity healing
1011 KawokMany new processes, weathering the storm
1112 AjpuPast experience brings out the divinity of the world
1213 ImoxThe dream of the ancestors, inspired dreams
131 Iq’A new message, new inspiration brings change
142 Aq’ab’alNew conception through partnership or self sacrifice
153 K’atChallenges to gathering abundance
164 KanPhysically grounded wisdom empowers
175 KameWorking on transformation
186 KejStrength and stability from the natural world
197 Q’anilFinal ripening
208 TojCeremonial payment of debts
219 Tz’iFaith in the feminine, justice for women
2210 B’atzCommunity weaving, communal projects
2311 E’Many strong paths, wandering
2412 AjBringing it all home, life's lessons lead to harmony
2513 IxThe ancestral magic of Mother Earth
261 Tz'ikinA new vision, prosperous beginnings
272 AjmakForgiveness in partnership
283 No'jContemplation, meditation brings solutions
294 TijaxStabilising division, physical healing
305 KawokWorking on the birthing process
316 AjpuStabilising the divinity in the world