4 E’ (3rd July 2024)

4 EThis is a day which highlights the physical journey. The energy of the journey of discovery comes down to Earth as the nawal E’ combines with the number 4.

E’ days always have an auspicious energy about them when it comes to travelling. On E’ days our life path makes its presence known. Sometimes this is not what we were planning at that point with our conscious minds. Synchronicity steps in and puts us back on track. Maybe we meet someone on the road who fulfils that role and takes us in a different direction. If there is a journey to be made, today is certainly a good day for it.

Today, the combination with the number 4 brings that concept very much into the physical realm. It is a day of physical journeys and pay attention to the physical markers on your path. E’ is the essence of the discoverer, not just of the way or the path.  It gives us an impulse of exploration, which includes the understanding of how things work. As such today is a great day to get really grounded with your understanding of where you are going and why. It may be a day on which your physical destination helps to ground the discoveries you have made so far along your journey. Pay attention to the way that you walk your physical path and the impact that has on others.

The Deluge

During the course of my reading and research I come across various interesting snippets of information. I just came across this one which I find very interesting. The page below is from the Dresden Codex. I was just investigating the reappearance of Venus as an evening star next week, when I stumbed across this. You may recognise the depiction of  Chak Chel (or Ixchel) from my previous posts about Kawok.

Chak Chel (Ixchel) and the sky crocodile rain down water and bring the flood

However, my attention was drawn to some detail I had never noticed. On the water flowing from Ixchel’s jar there is a number and a glyph. The number is 5.1.0 and the glyph is Eb (E’). Apparently, 5.1.0 would be equal to 1820. This would be using the numbers as a date format in the long count (5 Tun, 1 Uinal and 0 Kin (5 x 360) + (1 x 20) + 0). 1820 days is equal to 7 revolutions of the 260 day calendar, so repeating 1820 days would always come back to the day of 4 E’. The next pages in the Dresden Codex give the repeating number 65, and move through 4 No’j, 4 Iq’ and then 4 Kej before returning to 4 E’.

Interestingly, in the sky band on the cosmic caiman’s body, the glyph for Venus is shown. Below it are two solar eclipse glyphs.  Apparently 4 E’ (Eb) is seen as the day of the deluge which brings fertility to the world.

The Nawal E’

Footprints on the road
Footprints mark the road, from the Dresden Codex

Nawal E’ represents the journey of discovery, the life path in both its physical and spiritual aspects. E’ is the explorer, it craves novelty. It inspires travel to understand different cultures and ways of life, it is a seeker of experience. It can be a thrill seeker, and sometimes will take risks to understand what it is examining. Whilst it gains experience and understanding through physical travel, E’ also drives us to explore our inner world, helping us to understand our own minds and hearts, and those of others. E’ sometimes creates a restlessness. A desire to find new things within the world means that E’ finds it difficult to sit still.

E’ can sometimes cause us to explore simply for the sake of exploration. We seek the new experience because it is there. This can give rise to a lack of direction, aimless wandering. However, even in its wanderings E’ is discovering. It may not know exactly where it is going, but it will when it gets there. In it’s best aspect, E’ seeks out knowledge and experience in order to form an understanding which brings wisdom. E’ enjoys sharing the wisdom gained with its peers, for the enrichment of the community.

The Number Four

The number 4 is very important within Mayan mythology. Four represents the cardinal points, the four colours of maize, the four carriers of the year, the two equinoxes and two solstices, as well as midnight, sunrise, midday and sunset. The number four is representative of the four first men. It was said to be they who raised the sky from the sea to create the world we live on. In Mayan myth it is four pillars that support the sky from the Earth. As you can imagine, four is a number which represents stability, a good, down-to-Earth number.