How the plugin appears in Google calendar

Google Calendar Plugin

A few months ago I scheduled an appointment on a day when I would have been planning to make a ceremony. I realised that is I had been able to check a copy of the sacred calendar I would not have made that mistake. I searched but there was no Google calendar plugin for the Mayan sacred calendar.

I decided this must be rectified and in early December of 2017 created the Chol Q’ij plugin for Google calendar (it also works with iCal, just follow the instructions on this page )

This plugin allows the days of the Chol Q’ij to be displayed on your Google Calendar display. If you click the name of the day, it will also give you my interpretation of the energy of the day.

Now that I have ironed the wrinkles out of the calendar I am able to offer it to others who may want to have such an addition on their phone/tablet/desktop. If you would like to receive a link to integrate the Chol Q’ij into your Google calendar, please follow these steps.

  1. Fill in the form below to send me your Gmail address. I cannot add you to the sharing list if I do not have your Gmail address, even if you only use Apple products.
  2. Use this link to send me a £10 payment for the plugin. Once you have made the payment I will add your Gmail address to the sharing list.

Please note that this will not give Chol Q’ij dates before December 2017 so cannot be used to find dates of birth before that time.

Desktop Screenshot
Android Screenshot