3 B’atz (2nd July 2024)

3 B'atzInner creativity would be the best focus today. The energy of B’atz usually brings extroverted creative brilliance. However, the outgoing nature of this creativity may be subdued by the energy of the number 3.

This might be considered to be a rather unusual day of B’atz, and possibly the only one. B’atz is usually thought of as bringing and outgoing, fun-loving and talented energy.  However, it could be that today things seem a bit flat. The jokes don’t quite work, the audience doesn’t respond as expected, and the fingers don’t stretch to make the chord happen like they normally do. It’s not to say don’t try. It’s just that external expressions of creativity may be more challenging than normal.

However, there is a focus which may prove beneficial – in the home and on inner creativity. It is more of a planning day, than an action day. Allow your inner creativity to weave ideas within you to manifest to the external world on a more conducive day. This may prove to be an excellent day for creation within the home environment, beautifying your inner world. It could be a great day for applying creative skills to matters of the home such as interior design. It could also be a great day for getting creative in the kitchen!

The Nawal B’atz

Images of weaving using a backstrap loom, from the Madrid Codex

There are two nawales which bestow genius talents, one of which is B’atz, the other being No’j. B’atz is the nawal of artisans and of weavers. This is not just creation and weaving on the Earthly level. It weaves the threads of time together to create reality. B’atz is the nawal of the sacred calendar. The calendar could be considered to be the fabric created from these individual threads of time.

If B’atz is clever enough to weave time into order, it is clever enough to create more down to Earth trinkets. B’atz is the master artisan, creating whatever it chooses, at will. It is just as comfortable painting, as it is playing music or writing. The arts come naturally to this nawal. However, this can lead to issues when B’atz has to deal with those less talented than itself. This can lead to a certain arrogance around those who fail to achieve their standard of excellence.

Their talent draws attention, which is something B’atz craves. It is the nawal of the born entertainer, who can sing, dance and play all at once. This nawal is the life and soul of the party, it also makes excellent teachers, who hold the attention of students through entertaining them. It is a particularly fun loving nawal that feeds on the adoration of the crowd that it pleases.

B’atz is a day to create, especially within the fields of the arts. It is also a day to weave your reality the way you see fit. Where Aq’ab’al was the conception, B’atz is the gestation.

The Number Three

The number 3 is still in the low end of the range of numbers. It does not have much energy yet, and it is also an odd number. It can represent the home, relating to the three hearthstones laid by the creators, and this is probably a good focus for a 3 day. However, it lacks stability and can represent challenges and obstructions. The number three brings up internal/external dilemmas. The lack of stability in the physical, external world that it brings suggests that the more appropriate action is to look to the internal world, both of the home and yourself.