self-sacrifice in gratitude to the Earth

2 Ix (27th January 2024)

2 IxToday is a day to make a little self-sacrifice in gratitude to the Earth. Our mothers nourish us and attend to our needs, just as the Earth supports our very existence. Remember that and give something back.

We forget that everything around us, all material goods, were once part of the Earth. Sometimes we forget that this is a gift and we take it for granted. We may think about natural things, foodstuffs or wood, to begin with. However, even the screen on which you are reading this was made from materials which were the Earth. We took the base material and transformed it, from being part of the body of the Earth into something that fulfilled our temporary needs. Yet, we see these things as commodities, as our property. We detach them from what they were, make them shiny and stick a label on them. But they are not forever transformed, like us, they break, decay and once more return to the Earth over time.

One of the major lessons attached to the nawal Ix is gratitude. In the dazzling brilliance of our “magical” abilities to transform base materials, we forget to say thank you. Without her we have no home, without her we have no life. Today is a day to not just say thank you but to take action to show your gratitude. The gift of your energy and your time are the greatest sacrifices you can make to show your gratitude.

Take some time to show your gratitude to the Earth, and help to undo some of the damage humans have caused. Perhaps pick up some litter or help to restore some beauty to the natural world around you. While you do so, make a little prayer of gratitude for all that sustains your life.

Nawal Ix

A dancing shaman transforms himself into a jaguar. From a late classic era vase found at Altar de Sacrificios. Source
A dancing shaman transforms himself into a jaguar. From a late classic era vase found at Altar de Sacrificios. Source

Ix is considered to be the most feminine of the nawales because it embodies the spirit of the Heart of the Earth. It can be seen as a representation of Mother Earth or the Maya version of Gaia. Ix is known for its nurturing energy, as it takes care of all things. However, this nurturing should not be mistaken for weakness, as Ix also embodies the power and stealth of the jaguar, which is its animal totem. The jaguar is a powerful jungle cat that moves stealthily through the darkness of the night with spots on its back representing the milky way. Ix carries the sun on its nightly journey through the underworld.

In industrialized societies, the Earth is often seen as an inanimate source of material wealth. However, non-industrialized societies view her as a living entity that we can interact with, and she carries the nawal Ix. Therefore, on Ix days, people offer prayers at her shrines and altars to ask for what they need in the world. To keep Ix healthy, it is important to approach her with a spirit of gratitude and humility. Ix is deeply connected with the natural world, where it finds its wisdom, power, and wealth. Therefore, it is a day to give thanks, remember gratitude, and engage with your magic.

The Number Two

The number 2 is representative of duality, of polarity. Although a low number, it has surprising strength. It is said to be able to call upon both aspects or polarities of what it is attached to. It is said to be the number of lovers, it signifies relationships and self-sacrifice. Whilst it can lend itself to mediation, seeing both sides of the story, it also can be indecisive.

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