August 2022

Here are the days of the Chol Q’ij mapped onto the Gregorian month of August 2022.

August will be rather an interesting month astronomically. Here in Guatemala, the solar zenith passage happens around 11th – 13th August, which also happens to be the Perseid meteor shower. I personally find this very intriguing as this year it seems like the solar zenith will be closer to 11th August, the day 1 Ajpu in the Popol Vuh. In the story of the Hero Twins, Jun Junajpu (1 Ajpu) was the father of the hero twins who was decapitated in the underworld and his head was hung in a tree. The symbology of the tree is often used as a metaphor for zenith (or possibly nadir), and here we see this cosmic mythology playing out for real. 1 Ajpu is also seen as the new sun, the new era or civilisation. Is this significant of the beginning of something of interest?

The Perseid meteor shower has the possibility to be one of the most impressive meteor showers of the year. However, unfortunately this year it coincides with the full moon, meaning that it is unlikely to be particularly spectacular.

Additionally, we will have Saturn at opposition on 14th August meaning that the most observable ringed planet will be directly overhead at midnight on that date, the best time of the year to view and photograph them.

Please click the calendar for a larger version to print out if you would like to. Below the calendar are clickable links to my interpretation of the energy of each of the days.

If you are the more technically minded I have also created a plugin for Google calendar which will enable you to track the days of the sacred calendar on your smartphone. In this way you can ensure that your activities are aligned to the most conducive energies! It is available for purchase here.

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