6 Imox (22nd June 2024)

6 ImoxOur existence relies on water, particularly the oceans and lakes. Today is an excellent day to give thanks for the waters that support our families and bring stability.

Imox can also be seen as a connection to the world of dreams and visions. Some interpretations refer to Imox as “the left hand” which could also infer the right brain. Imox days can be highly creative if we allow ourselves to dip into the dream world. Sometimes this may lead us astray, taking us into some ungrounded reality. However, with the presence of the number six stability can be established. This stability can help us determine dreams from reality and understand what is achievable. Embrace the possibilities of your creativity and firmly ground your dreams into your world today.

The empathic energy of Imox can sometimes unsettle us as we feel what is going on in the collective. We can get lost in the feelings of others, losing sight of our own. The pairing with the number six today brings a healthy balance to this and highlights the family connection. As an even number in the middle of the thirteen days, it should provide an equilibrium to what we feel. It may be a day which helps you to stabilise your individuality within your family.

As we pass through the trecena of Ajmak we are shown today how empathy can bring forgiveness. When we are able to put ourselves in the position of another we can better understand their actions. Through that understanding comes acceptance and forgiveness.  This might especially be focussed on family matters today.

Bringing Water stability to Families

As I write about water bringing stability to families, it reminds me to mention another worth local project, Water4Life Global. Founders  Jenna MacEwan and Nikki Appleton and their team have been making a difference to peoples’ lives since 2018. They provide water filters to local families throughout Guatemala, giving direct access to clean drinking water. Additionally they are involved in action which helps to clean up the local sources of water. This is achieved through grey water treatment projects, reforestation and education. To learn more or donate, please visit: https://water4lifeglobal.org/

The Nawal Imox

Nawal Imox represents the collective consciousness, the great ocean. It is the moment before the “big bang”, when all that existed was the dream of the creator. It is everything and nothing in one place, the ovum from which reality was conceived. Imox is still very much in the other world, requiring another component to physically manifest the dream into reality.

Imox is considered to be a feminine nawal. Sometimes called water lily, sometimes crocodile, it is an embodiment of the primordial. It was from the great ocean that the four first men raised sky to create the world which we inhabit. Imox can also be seen as the Darwinian swamp from which all life emerged. It is fertile and creative, the mother that gave birth to our entire reality.

Imox is our common origin, and as such links us all together. It is the place of dreams, the collective conscious we delve into on our nightly voyages. It may also relate to the place that certain plant medicines take us to in order to bring us wisdom. However, as the font of all of creation, Imox harbours the dark as well as the light.

Imox is a day to celebrate the spirit of the times, to understand the collective mind. It is a day to dream your creations, your art, your music. Imox helps us all feel connected, when the psychic field between us may be particularly strong. Discernment may be called for, to understand when to dissociate from the collective. It is important to remember your individuality.

The Number Six

The number six is said to be the number of ultimate stability. It is the first of the three middle numbers of the cycle, the balance point. Thus, ceremonies are often made on six days thanks to their conducive energy.

The number 6 carries the qualities of the number 4, but has an extra axis. If we think of the number four representing the cardinal points, the number six adds a vertical axis to these. It brings in the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. The number six has the stability of the number four embellished by the masculine and feminine principals. If the number four represents the physical world and the number 6 represents the physical world animated by the life force energy.

Thus, it also represents family, relating to the six qualities which hold families together – health, understanding, property, employment, friendship and actions.