2 No’j (18th June 2024)

The energy of the nawal No’j often brings practical solutions to problems, and today the number 2 highlights polarities. This brings the ability to solve problems by understanding both sides of the issue.

How can we begin to resolve an issue if we only have information from one source? The number 2 can highlight duality. It is binary, a one or a zero. There is no fraction or space in between, it is one or the other. This can bring conflicting information, but how can an impasse be breached if both sources can be verified as true? Naturally, balance is always required for a true and long-lasting solution and today that information might come from polar opposites.

The second day of the trecena of forgiveness, the day 2 No’j, enables us to understand different points of view. No’j helps us to think things through. Its intellect and intelligence empowers our thought processes to come up with the most appropriate solution. However, if we approach problem solving from a unilateral standpoint, we may miss important issues. 2 No’j brings us the ability to encompass both. Days carrying the energy of the number 2 are always good for mediation. Here we see it particularly linked with intelligent solutions.

With the number 2 highlighting relationships, this could also be a day to resolve any friction within partnerships. One of the challenges for No’j is not to overthink situations. However, with the lower number 2 this is unlikely. If the thoughtfulness of No’j can be applied to relationships today it is likely to come up with a genius answer. This solution is likely to satisfy the needs of both parties.

Veintena Rukub Pach

This day, 2 No’j, represents the beginning of a new month within the solar calendar. The month of Rukab’ Pach is associated with the second season of hen hatching. It marks the time of the year in the northern hemisphere, where the sun is present for the longest period, the growing season is at its greatest potential. Sometimes we can look as cycles as learning and then implementation, often the first or upwards part can be the learning part. If we apply this to the idea of the year lords, perhaps it is the first 140 days that we are learning to adjust to the energy of the new Mam, and here we have reached the pinnacle. It is time to “hatch out” the lesson and use the fullness of the solar energy to propel us forward in our new work.

The Nawal No’j

A depiction of the Earth Lord, the patron of the day Caban (N'oj). <yoastmark class= The nawal No’j is the nawal of thought, of intelligence and intellect. Within the count of days, there are two geniuses. B’atz is the creative genius, and No’j is the intellectual one. No’j is an energy of masculine, logical thought. As the problem solver, it gives ideas and solutions which work in the real world. No’j gives a different way of understanding situations, and through this ability comes innovation. It is thought, but also understanding and, indeed, knowing. As such, No’j is also a day associated with divination.

This energy is not necessarily social, it can lead to becoming absorbed into one’s work, lost in one’s thoughts. The influence of No’j can create ideas which may be very much ahead of their time. Do not be surprised if ideas you have on this day take a little time to catch on. The people you express the ideas to may need a little time to process, to see the genius within the idea. No’j is also one of the classic year-bearers or year lords. As a year bearer, it is thought to be one of the more beneficial and benign energies.

The Number Two

The number 2 is representative of duality, of polarity. Although a low number, it has surprising strength. It is said to be able to call upon both aspects or polarities of what it is attached to. It is said to be the number of lovers, it signifies relationships and self-sacrifice. Whilst it can lend itself to mediation, seeing both sides of the story, it also can be indecisive.