3 Tijax (19th June 2024)

3 TijaxOn some days it is better to concentrate on creating beauty, peace and healing within your own home, and this is one of them. This is the day to polish your inner diamond.

In some respects, the day 3 Tijax can represent blockages and obstructions in the crusade. Trying to push forward towards external goals may be more trouble than it is worth today.

It is a day where finding resolution or healing may be fraught with difficulties, possibly leading to confrontation. Tijax brings an energy of discernment. As such it can result in truly seeing the place to cut away that which is out of balance. However, today discernment may be clouded, and if the sharp, cutting energy of Tijax is employed, an error may occur. This is not the day for snap judgments regarding the outer world.

As we move through this trecena of Ajmak, working on forgiveness, we can see how this day might fit. It is very difficult to forgive and accept others if we can’t do that for ourselves. I sometimes think of Tijax days as days of surgery. In fact they are usually good days to choose for procedures. When combined with the inner focussed number 3 it suggests that we direct that finely honed discernment within.

It is a day where we might use our discernment to find where we don’t match up to our own high standards, otherwise we might become hypocritical. This is the day for inner healing, resolving internal conflicts and concentrating on what needs attention within you too. You must bring yourself into balance before working on others. Perhaps working on inner peace would be a more conducive focus. Once self acceptance is achieved, the acceptance of others will follow.

The Nawal Tijax

Sacrificial Death God 1

The nawal Tijax represents an obsidian (or flint) blade. How the blade is used depends on the intention of the person wielding it, a warrior or a surgeon. These would seem like opposite ends of the spectrum. However, where Tijax is concerned the aim is the same – healing and purification.

Tijax is the nawal of the holy warrior. In the Mayan book of creation , the Popol Vuh, the first act of the hero twins was a mission given to them by the Heart of the Sky to rid the world of the false gods Seven Macaw, Zipacna and Earthquake. By destroying the false gods, the twins brought balance to the world, and helped mankind, they brought healing to the world. They cut out that which caused disease, exactly as a surgeon would do.

Tijax is celebrated as a day of healers, particularly what could be seen as the masculine aspect of healing. It is a day of crusading, of standing up for what is right, the healer who refuses to give up on finding a cure. Tijax gives powers of discernment and refinement. Just as the surgeons scalpel cuts away disease and the warriors blade dispatches the evil, the sculptors chisel creates beauty by remodelling the base material. This is a day of alchemy, both internal and external, turning the ordinary into the divine.

The Number Three

The number 3 is still in the low end of the range of numbers. It does not have much energy yet, and it is also an odd number. It can represent the home, relating to the three hearthstones laid by the creators, and this is probably a good focus for a 3 day. However, it lacks stability and can represent challenges and obstructions. The number three brings up internal/external dilemmas. The lack of stability in the physical, external world that it brings suggests that the more appropriate action is to look to the internal world, both of the home and yourself.