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9 Tz’ikin (8th January 2024)

9 Tz'ikinThe energy of today brings a day to work on your life’s vision or, if you haven’t got one, to ask for your life’s vision to come to you.


The day 9 Tz’ikin combines the fortunate and prosperous day of Tz’ikin with the number of life and the divine feminine. This gives the potential for a very beneficial day, especially concerning prosperity.

As the bird soars high in the sky it can see the path ahead, giving an understanding of both possible future complications and the best route to take to avoid them. This is metaphorically part of the essence of the nawal Tz’ikin. It gives us the ability to perceive the most prosperous direction in which to put our energy. This may be why of Tz’ikin days, and the people who carry this nawal, are naturally endowed with good fortune. They carry the foresight to make beneficial decisions.

Of course, an important point to note is that the prosperity mentioned here is not just a material thing. It is not about a big bank balance on a dying planet. To attain true prosperity, it is vitally important that all systems thrive – us, our families, our communities and the nature which supports it all. As the number 9 represents life itself, this could be a good day to ask for a vision which brings prosperity to all forms of life, which helps us and our environment to thrive.

The number 9 represents both life and the feminine, so perhaps today is a day to seek guidance from the women in our lives in order to bring sustainable prosperity to ourselves, our families, our community and our environment.

Nawal Tz’ikin

Bat Falcon sitting on top of Temple 216 at Yaxha. Photo by Mark Elmy

Nawal Tz’ikin is the nawal of prosperity, which sometimes seems odd to people seeking “higher knowledge”. However, this is not the same as the greed of capitalist consumerism. If your family is starving, you are more likely to fall off the road, perhaps into dishonesty or criminal activity. By asking nawal Tz’ikin for prosperity in your life, you are more likely to be able to help others. You can be more constructive within your community. That is not to say that your own input will not be necessary, just that your hard work will pay off.

Tz’ikin has the ability to give visions, it helps people to see the bigger picture within life. It also helps people to focus on details. It has grand aspirations and helps people to rise to the top of their abilities.

Similarly, just as Tz’ikin can focus, its broad vision can occasionally cause distraction. Sometimes, just when it is heading towards its goal it can be distracted by something “shiny.” Thus, this energy gives an ability to create great social networks, but sometimes spends too much time trying to maintain them.

The Number Nine

The number nine is the number of lunations in the human gestation period and in the sacred calendar. The sacred calendar is known as a calendar of life, and it is women that give life. As such the number nine is seen as the number of life and the number of the divine feminine. It gives all that it is attached to a strong feminine presence. It is a day on which women may wish to give thanks for their gifts.

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