use wise counsel to bring harmony

1 Aj (26th January 2024)

1 AjToday can be seen as a time to use wise counsel to bring harmony to home and community. It is a new trecena, a new 13-day period, beginning with the highly fortunate and noble Nawal Aj.

After the potentially dizzying roller-coaster ride of the Ajpu trecena, we are entering into a time of grounded organisation. Starting today is a period of putting what we have learnt from the last trecena into practice on the physical level. The conquering of the fears on 7 Kame and initiation into leadership on 8 Kej has led us to this day.

Today we have the potential to engage with our newfound bravery, our renewed strength and courage. Also, we can combine these with the wisdom that facing these challenges has brought us. We can begin to lead by example, to recount our path to harmony to inspire others. However, it might take a few words of encouragement from those around us to help us to realise those abilities.

Therefore, it is time to begin to stand up and be counted. Allow your wisdom and experience to be heard and put to use. Stand tall, with a straight spine. Draw on the energies of the Sky and the Earth, to bring peace and prosperity to your home and community. This day, 1 Aj,  is the beginning of the journey to leadership within your community, not through desire for elevation of status, but through the desire for a more cohesive world for all.

The Nawal Aj

The Temple of the Foliated Cross, Palenque
The Temple of the Foliated Cross. This small temple houses one of the most remarkable and beautiful friezes, the Foliated Cross. Together with those of the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Cross, this forms an architectural version of a codex. It shows both mythic and historical accounts of the ruling dynasty. The three temples together form the cross group, the sacred heart of Palenque. Picture by Mark Elmy

The nawal Aj is related to many things which generally revolve around leadership on an earthly level. It is also known as the cornstalk, sometimes the staff of life. It represents the spinal column within the body, that which allows us to stand tall, proud and brave. As the cornstalk, it has it’s roots in the Earth, and its head in the sky.

If we wish to lead in a just manner, we should cultivate our connection with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth.Aj is an authority, it is gentle, yet noble. It works quietly for the community it leads. It does not seek the limelight. This is a day that seeks sustenance for it’s people, that keeps everything in it’s rightful place. It is a day where we ask for the courage and bravery to stand up straight and tall, to do the right thing.

The Number One

The number 1 is representative of the seed, of unity. It represents birth and beginnings. It is a low and odd number, which usually represents something challenging. However, the seed can grow into a mighty tree, it is full of potential. It needs the correct nutrients and conditions to germinate and develop its potential. We also may need encouragement to develop our ideas.

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  1. Hi Mark!
    Thank you for your website! Your words are so encouraging and grounding each day. I hope, once my husband and I start our new jobs, we can support your efforts. 🙏

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