ask for, and receive, guidance on your journey

13 E’ (25th January 2024)

 13 E'Today is THE day to ask for and receive guidance on your journey. If you wonder where your spiritual path leads, today you may get some insight

“Where am I?”

“Where am I going?”

“What is my purpose?”

These are three of the most important questions we can ever ask of ourselves. With divination highlighted by the number 13, today is a day to ask these questions about your path. They may be asked in meditation. Divination devices such as Tz’ite seeds or cards, or guides both physical or etheric may answer. The next question would of course be “Are you ready to hear the answer?”  If you are prepared to listen, this could truly be a day of illumination.

The strength of this day also lends itself to asking for divine guidance on your physical journeys. If you are guided by a higher force, you will never be let down. If you stay on the path you should not encounter problems.

Even if you do not question your path today, keep your eyes and ears open. Be aware of what is going on around you. You may get some pointers as to which direction to take, and which journey will benefit you the most.

Months of the Solar Calendar

In February 2023 we started the Mayan solar year on the day 11 E’. It has been 340 days since the start of the year 11 E’. We are entering the eighteenth, and final full, 20 day period of the solar year, or Macewal Q’ij, on the day 13 E’. Today is the first day of Uchum known as the season of second sowingIn some fields, the new maize is already growing, and here is the time that the fields which have been burnt during Qib Ixik are sown. The seeds which are planted receive the final blessings of the old Mam 11 E’ in his last breath before his final appearance as 7 E’, the herald of the Tzapin Q’ij, the five directionless days at the end of the solar year.

The Nawal E’

Footprints mark the road, from the Dresden Codex

Nawal E’ represents the journey of discovery, the life path in both its physical and spiritual aspects. E’ is the explorer, it craves novelty. It inspires travel to understand different cultures and ways of life, it is a seeker of experience. It can be a thrill seeker, and sometimes will take risks to understand what it is examining. Whilst it gains experience and understanding through physical travel, E’ also drives us to explore our inner world, helping us to understand our own minds and hearts, and those of others. E’ sometimes creates a restlessness. A desire to find new things within the world means that E’ finds it difficult to sit still.

E’ can sometimes cause us to explore simply for the sake of exploration. We seek the new experience because it is there. This can give rise to a lack of direction, aimless wandering. However, even in its wanderings E’ is discovering. It may not know exactly where it is going, but it will when it gets there. In it’s best aspect, E’ seeks out knowledge and experience in order to form an understanding which brings wisdom. E’ enjoys sharing the wisdom gained with its peers, for the enrichment of the community.

The Number Thirteen

The number 13 is the final number. It represents the spirit world. It is said that on Samhain, the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. However within the sacred calendar, this thinning happens every 13 days. This connection with the spirit world creates a powerful day. Both the positive and negative aspects of the day come through strongly. It is a very good day for activities such as divinations. Ceremonies on 13 days are best left to experienced Aj Q’ijab who understand how to work with that energy.

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