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The Junajpu (One Hero) Retreat

We have finally done it! After many people have asked for it we created a retreat, an adventure on the physical and spiritual levels.

On 26th February 2020 (1 Aq’ab’al) we begin a 13 day journey in Peten, including the 6 day hike around El Mirador, Nakbe and La Florida, to find your inner hero. Using the hero’s journey as a template, and the nawales as guidance we will take you through various shamanic journeys to help you to find and recover the highest aspect and purpose within you.

All the details are here:

We look forward to welcoming you on to this journey!


One thought on “The Junajpu (One Hero) Retreat”

  1. Congratulations on putting together this retreat…! And may you be Blessed with success and prosperity through it all.

    4 Ahau

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