superior conjunction phase of Venus begins

Superior Conjunction of Venus Begins – 9 K’at (2nd July 2019)

On the day 9 K’at (2nd July 2019), according to the Dresden codex, Venus will cease to be a feature in our morning sky. The morning star will disappear to the underworld, only to reappear as the evening star on 8 Ix (30th September 2019).

The cycle of Venus was used by the ancient Maya to time many ritual practices, including war and sacrifice. The heliacal rising of Venus, when Venus is seen to rise with the Sun, was seen as a particularly destructive and unsettled time.  Venus has been rising heliacally since 7 Q’anil (8th November 2018). The period since the beginning of the heliacal rise of Venus seems to have been a great turmoil for many.  It was at its peak brightness on November 29th 2018 (2 Toj) and reached its greatest height (western elongation) on January 6th 2019 (1 Kej), which could be seen as the height of its influence.

It is said that the light of the morning star illuminates that which has been hidden, it is an exposer of cover-ups. Additionally it is said that when Venus rises heliacally on a Q’anil day, the Venus deities spear  the children. Has this morning star period seen the revelation of children being harmed? Perhaps this might refer to the coming to light of the plight of migrant children, whether on ships in the Mediterranean or in border/refugee camps.

This is a time that could be seen as a respite from the disturbing influence that Venus has. It is said that Venus represents a warrior and that his return to the darkness gives him the time to make new spears, to throw at his victims when he returns as the evening star. Appearances on both Q’anil and Ix will signify children as the victims, however the difference may be the way of expression. Where the morning rise of illumination may highlight the issue externally, the evening phase represents the dark mirror of introspection. This may represent a time when we look within ourselves and ask how we ever allowed this to happen in the first place. It can be a time to look at what went wrong and see how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. It is a time to evaluate ourselves, and the leaders of our society, a time to address our values and the values of the society we live in, and a time to redress the balance.

4 thoughts on “Superior Conjunction of Venus Begins – 9 K’at (2nd July 2019)”

  1. I thought about this post all day. Especially the reference to Venus deities and child sacrifice. It occurred to me, while reading about some actress who wouldn’t visit Georgia because of a ban on abortion, the new legislation allowing late-term abortion is truly going be in effect during this period. Also, the solar eclipse in South America today is an interesting coincidence.

  2. Venus is not seen as a Male deity of war in any other culture historically, so this is interesting to me. I can understand their visual interpretation of its use as a timing marker, however July 2nd was a solar eclipse/new moon which has much more potency in astrological command patterns. I will consult with my team on this, thank you for the information.

  3. The thing is that we are not just talking about one day, we are talking about entering a period of time of that influence. The solar eclipse is also really important, but this is just an interpretation of the Dresden codex. Venus was seen as a war deity by the Sumerians, the other side of Innana.

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