The Third Closing Day

8 Toj 2 Wayeb – The Third Day of Wayeb

The third day of Wayeb focuses on acceptance. When we combine this with the day 8 Toj, we can understand that it can be about accepting any debts we need to be cleared in order to move forwards.

8 Toj is a highly ceremonial day, and here falling in Wayeb is particularly interesting. 8 Toj could be seen as the ceremony of ceremony. It is a great day to make a ceremony to clear all debts, but here in the middle of Wayeb we can see it as really clearing out any lingering energies from the year 10 Kej. It is a great day to be finalising any payments so that you can move into the next solar year free of any burdens. As the third day of Wayeb represents acceptance, this could signify that maybe some of these debts may be things you didn’t want to accept. Maybe you feel that there are things which are not “officially” your responsibility to pay, but you can see the benefit to all should someone step in and pay them. This could be an excellent opportunity to create some goodwill before we move into the energy of the new solar year.


3 thoughts on “8 Toj 2 Wayeb – The Third Day of Wayeb”

  1. Why, according to the title of this post, is : (2) Wayeb the third (3) day of Wayeb?

  2. Because the months start with 0 rather than 1. So the first day is 0 Wayeb, the second day is 1 Wayeb and the third day is therefore 2 Wayeb

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