1 Kame (8th February 2024)

1 KameThe energy of the nawal Kame brings us new opportunities to face our challenges. These in turn can lead to our evolution and advancement.

It is the beginning of a time of change, although today those changes may need a little encouragement, possibly from your ancestors. For now, you may be content with planning your transformation process. There is no right or wrong way of approaching this. In the Popol Vuh, Jun Junajpu and Wucub Junajpu failed to confront the Lords of Death. However, Jun Junajpu spawned Junajpu and Xbalanque who succeeded at the challenge. There is rarely one chance to succeed. If the challenge is important to your life path or the evolution of your soul, it will return until you overcome it.

Kame is also a day connected to our ancestors and our dead. With the number one involved it suggests initiation or rebirth. This would be a good day to reconnect with the spirits of your ancestors or loved ones. This connection may have the potential to help us to overcome our fears.

Today may bring a theme for the next 13 days, or the next 247 when the day 7 Kame brings us victory over our challenges. Kame may represent sacrifice, but it is also a purification, a refinement. This could be seen as the nawal of internal alchemy. Kame may bring the things which frighten us to our attention. But it also brings the strength to face these fears. Whether we choose to or not is up to us. However, the reward is great, the evolution of our soul.

Nawal Kame

Kame relates to death, which often makes people nervous. However, this nawal is seen as an extremely positive day. Birth is the gateway into the mortal life, death the gateway into the eternal. In many shamanistic traditions, the initiate goes through several death experiences during training. This can be through the use of particular herbs, or sometimes through accident or illness. In these experiences the density of the mortal realm falls away and the greater understanding emerges. It can often be described as a spiritual transformation. In the Popul Vuh, the Mayan book of creation, the Hero Twins descend to the underworld, Xibalba, to confront the Lords of Death. They pass the many challenges set for them, but eventually end up being tricked by the Lord of Death. Instead of giving in, the Hero Twins choose to sacrifice themselves.

They give instructions to a pair of seers to convince the Lords of Death to grind the Twins’ bones to dust and throw the dust in the river. Everything went according to plan and five days later the twins appeared as catfish in the river. They then transformed into vagabond “magicians”. In this way we see a literal transformation from the crusader (Tijax) through death (Kame) to the higher self (Ix). This is the potential of the Kame day, to face ones fears and attain a higher perspective, to advance the journey of your soul. This is also a day to remember your ancestors and friends that have passed into the other realm, to remember what they taught you, and to thank them for their wisdom that helped you to grow.

The Number One

The number 1 is representative of the seed, of unity. It represents birth and beginnings. It is a low and odd number, which usually represents something challenging. However, the seed can grow into a mighty tree, it is full of potential. It needs the correct nutrients and conditions to germinate and develop its potential. We also may need encouragement to develop our ideas.