10 Iq’ (4th February 2024) – Imbolc

10 Iq' The day 10 Iq’ can be seen as a very sociable day with an emphasis on communication within your community. With the strength of both the number and the nawal Iq’ this could lead to some inspired words and changes.

Whilst Iq’ is known for its blustery nature, there are some combinations which really can bring out the best in it. Its combination with the number 10 is one of these. If you were ever looking for a day to hold a community meeting this would be the prime candidate. The inspiring words conveyed through the divine breath come into contact with the number which represents community and cooperation. We could expect our oratory skills to be enhanced today, especially when we are surrounded by our family and friends. It is a great day to make speeches and to listen to them. Communication goes both ways, so make sure you listen to what your community tells you today, there may be something divinely inspired in its words.

Despite all the positive connotations of this day, bear in mind that the wind may change and Iq’ is also a nawal that governs the angry word. With the power of the number 10 behind it, be aware of the effect your words might have. If you feel anger rising within you, pause and take a breath before you allow your words to fly.

If you are seeking to make changes, ask for the support of your community today to make them. This may be emotional or physical support. Today is the day to rally around friends and share words to support them through their processes.

Imbolc (4th February 2024, 08:28 UTC)

It is now 45 days since the December solstice and we are at the exact midpoint between solstice and equinox. This is a archaeoastronomical cross quarter day, known as Imbolc in the Celtic lands. At this time in north-western europe the Earth shows signs of life returning. The first lambs are born and the snowdrops begin to show their flowers. After the period of darkness, it becomes obvious the light is returning. The winter season which began on Samhain finishes and spring begins on Imbolc.

Observing this first hand, it is very noticable that the days begin to draw out. This happens rather rapidly as we move towards the spring equinox. Since solstice, the position of sunrise here in Guatemala has only shifted by 7 degrees. At solstice the sun rose at 114 degress, today it rises at 107 degrees. In 45 days’ time at equinox, it will rise at 90 degrees, covering 17 degrees. Its procession along the eastern horizon almost 2.5 times quicker and will continue to do so through to Beltaine on the 4th May.

Imbolc is very special to me as it was the first ceremony I ever participated in. It is a symbolic birthing and was certainly my birthing into a new world. It is a time of the essence of life bursting forth into the world. In association with 10 Iq’ today, perhaps it could be a good day to use your words to birth something new into your community.

The Nawal Iq’

Wind God 1

Nawal Iq’ is another strong nawal. It represents communication and particularly divine inspiration. It is the wind, the breath of life, that which brings the change in seasons.

The communication brought by Iq’ can be enlightening and inspiring. It is the breath of the divine which flows through us all, in fact the word for soul is Saq Iq’ – white breath. When our breath stops, our divine essence leaves our physical body. When we engage ourselves with the divine breath we are able to create, to manifest with our words, to inspire those around us. However, Iq’ also has a destructive side. It has the ability to blow like a hurricane and may level everything before it. It is the angry words which cut down everything in their path.

Hurricane is one of the few English words which is actually derived from a Mayan word- Junrakan, meaning “one footed”. Junrakan is another name for the Heart of the Sky, one of the creator deities. Once again it seems that certain patterns follow through the sequence of the nawales which are interrelated. Imox, the female creative principle, or egg, is fertilised be Iq’, the male principle. Their combination results in Aq’ab’al, the conception and a change in the state, bringing the dream into reality.

Iq’ is a day of communication, a day of inspiration. It can be a great day to express yourself through written or particularly verbal means. It is also a day on which changes happen. You can either embrace those changes or resist them. However, be aware that the wind blows forcefully and resistance of change requires a great deal of energy. Embracing change helps you to learn to dance like a leaf in the wind.

The Number Ten

The number 10 is another number which demonstrates the connection between the sacred calendar and the human body. As five represents one hand, ten represents two hands coming together. This can be seen as the shaking of hands creating agreement between people. Ten is seen as a good number, a number of community and the laws of society, of acting in harmony.