The steadfast moved by the spontaneous

11 Aj (14th June 2024)

11 AjThe steadfast moved by the spontaneous could be a theme for this day. The supportive energy of Aj may bring greater harmony to the community by inspiration outside its usual boundaries.

The nawal Aj could be seen as a “safe pair of hands”. Aj days bring a focus on our homes and communities and the harmony within them. For this harmony to exist a certain amount of control is required. This may be through rules and regulations which can sometimes bring out the authoritarian side of Aj. However, Aj would argue that these rules are for the good of all, even if we feel a little restricted. Sometimes it can be difficult to get Aj to move especially when it might result in a change to the status quo. Just as Aj can represent the strength and support of the spinal column, cane or cornstalk, it can also become inflexible.

However, today might bring a surprise in these areas as the energy of the number 11 influences Aj. The 11 brings with it a changeability. It listens to its intuition and acts accordingly, sometimes moving off the logical path. Although this may seem chaotic to the external observer, innovation follows.

Bringing these two rather opposing energies together can create a very interesting situation. The energy of the 11 might persuade Aj to move from its position. Things which may normally be considered inflexible or dependable may act unpredictably. It may certainly be a day on which the “old guard” is challenged by new ideas. In order to bring harmony to the community, the phrase “because that’s how we’ve always done it” needs to be challenged. This is certainly the day on which that might happen, and it might even come from leaders themselves.

The Nawal Aj

The Temple of the Foliated Cross, Palenque
The Temple of the Foliated Cross. This small temple houses one of the most remarkable and beautiful friezes, the Foliated Cross. Together with those of the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Cross, this forms an architectural version of a codex. It shows both mythic and historical accounts of the ruling dynasty. The three temples together form the cross group, the sacred heart of Palenque. Picture by Mark Elmy

The nawal Aj is related to many things which generally revolve around leadership on an earthly level. It is also known as the cornstalk, sometimes the staff of life. It represents the spinal column within the body, which allows us to stand tall, proud and brave. As the cornstalk, it has its roots in the Earth, and its head in the sky.

If we wish to lead in a just manner, we should cultivate our connection with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. Above all, Aj is an authority, it is gentle, yet noble. It works quietly for the community it leads. It does not seek the limelight. This is a day that seeks sustenance for its people, that keeps everything in its rightful place. It is a day when we ask for the courage and bravery to stand up straight and tall, to do the right thing.

The Number 11

The number 11 is a high and odd number. This gives it some rather challenging properties, although it can come good in the end. Imagine you visit Ireland and are transfixed by the green of the hills. Then you go to Morocco and are awed by the red of the buildings. Then you go to the Caribbean and are moved by the turquoise sea. You return home and paint a beautiful picture using those colours. When you were in Ireland you didn’t know you were going to paint that masterpiece. You may not have even known why you were there.  This is how 11 works. You are sure you need to be doing something, but unsure why. You are collecting experience through many wanderings.

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