Be careful what you wish for

1 Ix (18th December 2023)

Today could be seen to represent the newborn jaguar. She has all the potential to grow into her powerful and magical adult self, but right now this is just an idea she sees in her elders. She grows through learning, and the spirit of the Earth is her teacher.

On 1 Ix we can begin to learn the potential of our connection with the spirit of the Earth. She is vast and sustains us all. Ix gives us the ability to communicate with her, to ask her for help, to ask her for what we need. Yet some of us don’t see it. We fail to thank her, or even abuse her, our idea of human importance and power being greater than that of the Earth.

Ix days are the patron days of natural shrines and altars, the places where offerings are made to the spirit of the Earth. This day could be seen as an excellent day for the renovation of such places, or initiating new shrines.  The number 1 also represents Sac Ixik, the maiden moon deity, whose places were springs and streams. These places are also associated with the nawal Ix which could therefore be seen as both the source of life and the protector of water sources. 1 Ix is, therefore, a very feminine day, full of life, beauty, energy and of potential for magic, a day to show gratitude for all that you might become.

It is a day when we can make our petition to the Earth, and thank her for what she has brought to us. When we can see the benefits of living in harmony with the Earth, we can begin to understand where engaging with her magic might lead us.

Nawal Ix

A dancing shaman transforms himself into a jaguar. From a late classic era vase found at Altar de Sacrificios. Source
A dancing shaman transforms himself into a jaguar. From a late classic era vase found at Altar de Sacrificios. Source

Ix is possibly the most feminine of the nawales. It represents the spirit of the Heart of the Earth. We could see this as what we might call Mother Earth or a Maya representation of Gaia. Ix can be seen as a mothering energy, nurturing all things. However, this should not be confused with weakness. The animal totem of Ix is the jaguar and it is as the jaguar that Ix is often known. The jaguar is, of course, powerful and stealthy. Ix also embodies these qualities. This jungle cat is an animal of the night. She slips magically through the darkness, the spots of her back a representation of the milky way. She carries the sun on its nightly journey through the underworld.

Industrialised societies tend to see the Earth as an inanimate source of material wealth. Non-industrialised societies see her as a living entity with whom we can interact, and she carries the nawal Ix. So, it is on Ix days that prayers are offered at her places, the shrines and altars, her ears, to ask for what we need in our world. A spirit of gratitude and humility keeps Ix healthy. Ix is of course deeply connected with the natural world and it is here that they find their wisdom, power and wealth. This is a day to give thanks, to remember gratitude, and a day to engage with your magic.

The Number One

The number 1 is representative of the seed, of unity. It represents birth and beginnings. It is a low and odd number, which usually represents something challenging. However, the seed can grow into a mighty tree, it is full of potential. It needs the correct nutrients and conditions to germinate and develop its potential. We also may need encouragement to develop our ideas.

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