2 Tz’ikin (19th December 2023)

2 Tz'ikinIs a day to see and resolve duality for the prosperity of all. There are many ways that the day 2 Tz’ikin can be interpreted. Most are positive as both Tz’ikin the energy of 2 have beneficial properties.

2 Tz’ikin is a day that brings focus to relationships. It may help to see and understand elements of self-sacrifice required within a relationship in order to bring prosperity. Tz’ikin has a rather light hearted nature, and gives the ability to see the bigger picture. It helps us to put our sacrifices into perspective and see the benefits they bring. In matters of business, a partnership formed today should be rather beneficial, co-operation bringing the vision into reality.

However, there are other much higher aspects associated with the nawal Tz’ikin. It is true that Tz’ikin days are used for prosperity, but really what do we mean by prosperity? Of course, we could see the surface level of financial matters and Tz’ikin days are said to be good for business. However, the prosperity that the nawal Tz’ikin guides us to is on a deeper level. It brings us the visions which help our environment, families and communities to thrive, which help them to truly prosper and multiply.

Here, the combination with the energy of the 2 perhaps helps us to see both sides of the story. Both the number 2 and the nawal Tz’ikin can act as mediators, occasionally sitting on the fence, but generally able to resolve situations. It is when we can see the issues through the eyes of others that we can understand their point of view. This is not to say that we have to abandon our own causes, but by seeing the views of “the opposition” we can arrive at a resolution which brings prosperity to all.

Nawal Tz’ikin

Bat Falcon sitting on top of Temple 216 at Yaxha. Photo by Mark Elmy

Nawal Tz’ikin is the nawal of prosperity, which sometimes seems odd to people seeking “higher knowledge”. It is not quite seen the same here. If your family is starving, you are more likely to fall off the road, perhaps into dishonesty or criminal activity. By asking nawal Tz’ikin for prosperity in your life, you are more likely to be able to help others. You can be more constructive within your community. That is not to say that your own input will not be necessary, just that your hard work will pay off.

Tz’ikin has the ability to give visions, it helps people to see the bigger picture within life. It also helps people to focus on details. It has grand aspirations and helps people to rise to the top of their abilities.

Just as Tz’ikin can focus, its broad vision can occasionally cause distraction. Sometimes, just when it is heading towards its goal it can be distracted by something “shiny.” This energy gives an ability to create great social networks, but sometimes spends too much time trying to maintain them.

The Number Two

The number 2 is representative of duality, of polarity. Although a low number, it has surprising strength. It is said to be able to call upon both aspects or polarities of what it is attached to. It is said to be the number of lovers, it signifies relationships and self-sacrifice. Whilst it can lend itself to mediation, seeing both sides of the story, it also can be indecisive.

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