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9 Kej (29th February 2024)

9 KejThe combination of the feminine number 9 with Kej can result in a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies. It should give rise to an excellent day for the empowerment of women.

There are some combinations where the properties of the nawal and the number reinforce each other. For example, with 4 Kej, 5 Toj or 12 K’at, the meanings of the nawales and numbers are very similar. The day 9 Kej is interesting for the reason of the nawal and number carrying the energy of opposites. Kej can be seen as being one of the most masculine of the nawales, representing “traditionally” masculine traits. Today this is combined with the number 9, the most feminine of numbers. This creates a combination whereby those “masculine” traits may be especially prevalent in women. It can result in a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Today a possibly more familiar archetype is that of the forest huntress. She is the strong, empowered, independent woman, deeply connected with the forest and the divine. It can also be seen as the day of the High Priestess, the female spiritual leader. With that in mind, it would be an excellent day to seek counsel from women in your life.

Be aware that the strength of Kej does sometimes create rather domineering situations. This could potentially create some conflict within groups of women.

Feminine empowerment is to be found in the wilderness today. Take a walk in the forest and allow the inspiration of the natural world to remind you of your true strength and divinity. From the masculine side, this is an empowering day where nature reminds you of strength through compassion. Today brings a balance between the masculine and feminine energies, all can benefit from the union of the polarities.

The Nawal Kej

Xbalamkiej, patron of the day Kej one of the hero twins from the Popol Vuh. From the Dresden Codex
Xbalamkiej, patron of the day Kej one of the hero twins from the Popol Vuh. From the Dresden Codex

Kej is possibly the strongest of the nawales, it is powerful, but in a different way to Kan. Kej is energetic, lively and determined. It is the nawal of nature, of the wilderness and it is this power that it draws on. The animal totem of Kej is the deer, but if you have fragile, new-born Bambi in mind, think again. This is the majestic stag, standing on the mountain surveying his domain. Whilst most nawales are not necessarily engendered, Kej is most definitely masculine. Both men and women that carry Kej as their nawal have great strength, although the men tend to hide their strength more. Kej women are particularly driven, resourceful and brave, sometimes to the point of being rather dominant. All radiate an aura of nobility, people tend to look to them to lead.

Kej is the nawal of the Mayan “religion”, a day of spiritual leaders, of shaman and of priests. It is these leaders who understand how to read the messages from the natural world, who help to keep our existence in balance with nature. It is a day to connect with the wilderness and draw the power of the natural world into you, to harmonise and replenish.

The Number Nine

The number nine is the number of lunations in the human gestation period and in the sacred calendar. The sacred calendar is known as a calendar of life, and it is women that give life. As such the number nine is seen as the number of life and the number of the divine feminine. It gives all that it is attached to a strong feminine presence. It is a day on which women may wish to give thanks for their gifts.

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