New Video – The Trecena of Ix (11th – 23rd February 2021)

The Trecena of Ix gives us a new opportunity to connect with the spirit of Mother Earth, to find new ways to protect her, and to find the magic within each one of us as we connect with the sacred places, the altars and shrines.

Recorded live in the “Living the Sacred Calendar” event at La Paz in San Marcos La Laguna.

To donate to ODIM and help the people of San Pablo and San Juan la Laguna, please follow this link

To help the people of San Marcos la Laguna, please follow this link

My 2021 calendar is now available. The calendar shows the days of the Chol Q’ij, formatted onto the Gregorian calendar. This year it will be available electronically as a pdf in both English and Spanish. Printed versions are now available locally here in Guatemala, from me and from Nectar, Palo Santo and Lava Love Cacao in San Marcos. See this link for more detail

3 thoughts on “New Video – The Trecena of Ix (11th – 23rd February 2021)”

  1. Thank you Mark for this beautiful sharing, as always. Excited for this special trecena of Ix, as well as entering in to the year of 9 Iq. Matyox🙏🏽

  2. Mark ~ I never hear you mention Ix Cheel (nature) or Grandma Ix Mukany (center of the Earth)? Is that simply not recognized in Guatemala…???

    In Lak’ ech,

  3. Hi, yes they are certainly recognised here. In fact you’ll see images of Ixchel in many of the Kawok posts I make. Ixmucane not so much, sometimes in the K’at posts when writing about the trials of Ix K’ik. The word Ix in Mayan epigraphy simply means “she of” (Ix Chel – She of many colours/rainbow, Ix K’ik – She of Blood/moon, Ixblanaque – She of the Jaguar Deer). Quite honestly there are several books of information that could be written, but there’s just not the time or resource to cover it all

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