2022 Wall Calendar PDF

I have now finished creating my 2022 wall calendar. As usual, the shipping situation in Guatemala means that printed copies will only available locally, mostly in San Marcos la Laguna.

You can purchase an electronic copy, in English or Spanish, as a pdf for £10.

Step 1: Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send me a message stating in which language you would like your calendar.

Step 2: Use this link https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/MarkElmy/10 to pay through PayPal and I will send you your pdf.

Tambien, el calendario pdf 2022 está disponible en Castellano!

As an example of what you will receive, here is an electronic copy of my calendar from 2019, please click the image below to take to the document which you can view and download.

Once again I have decided to share 20% of the profit from the calendar.

I have been very fortunate to meet some incredible people through my work.  This year I am choosing the work of my teacher, Don Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac and his organisation Misión Maya Wajxakib B’atz. In 2019 I attended a national conference of Aj Q’ijab, Mayan Spiritual guides, regarding the reclamation, renovation and maintenance of altars within Guatemala. Some have been forgotten, some have ended up on private land, and some have even been built over. The objective of this project is to identify these altars and either bring them back in to use or transfer the energy of the altar to a new altar if renovation is not possible. Even the meetings require funding, to get all of these elders together, and so I have chosen to use some of the profits from the calendar to support this mission.

Once again, I am very excited to have the opportunity to play a small part in this project, to conserve the source of the wisdom which forms such an important part of my life.


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