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9 No’j (8th July 2024)

9 N'ojThe day 9 No’j can be seen as a day of feminine logic. It is a marriage of the masculine, square, logical No’j, with the feminine, rounded, artistic nine.

Today might be a day when feminine problems may be resolved with masculine logic and masculine problems resolved with feminine intuition. It can be seen as the union of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 9 No’j brings a day of particular inspiration, with the possibility for the emergence of true genius. This is enlivened with the energy of the number 9 with its connection with the divine feminine and life energy. This would also bring in the energy of the heart. I have heard this referred to as the holy trinity, left brain, right brain and heart working together. In turn, this can create the best possible solutions, bringing sustainable, compassionate, beautiful ideas into practicality. This is the ideal day for an ideas circle within your community.

The number 9 is also said to represent life itself and brings this into the mix. It is a day to pay attention to ideas inspired by life, and a day when realistic resolutions of life’s problems may emerge. This may particularly come through a feminine channel. It is most certainly a day to ask for practical solutions from the women around us.

Veintena Tz’ikin Q’ij

This day, 9 No’j, represents the beginning of a new month within the solar calendar. The month of Tz’ikin Q’ij is associated with the time of the birds. There is a way that it could be translated as bird day, or bird sun. Perhaps this follows on as the rainy season progresses and there is an abundance of food for the birds, creating a great deal of bird activity. However, this is also the time of year when the corn planted at the solar zenith, around April 30th by the lake, will be coming to ripeness. Therefore, this may be the time to watch out that the birds don’t steal the harvest.

The Nawal No’j

A depiction of the Earth Lord, the patron of the day Caban (N'oj). <yoastmark class= The nawal No’j is the nawal of thought, of intelligence and intellect. Within the count of days, there are two geniuses. B’atz is the creative genius, and No’j is the intellectual one. No’j is an energy of masculine, logical thought. As the problem solver, it gives ideas and solutions which work in the real world. No’j gives a different way of understanding situations, and through this ability comes innovation. Thus, it is thought, but also understanding and, indeed, knowing. As such, No’j is also a day associated with divination.

This energy is not necessarily social, it can lead to becoming absorbed into one’s work, lost in one’s thoughts. The influence of No’j can create ideas which may be very much ahead of their time. Do not be surprised if ideas you have on this day take a little time to catch on. The people you express the ideas to may need a little time to process, to see the genius within the idea. No’j is also one of the classic year-bearers or year lords. As a year bearer, it is thought to be one of the more beneficial and benign energies.

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