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12 Tijax (20th June 2020) – Solstice

12 TijaxThe next two days are considered by some to be two of the most turbulent days of the calendar. This certainly is a possibility as we head in the powerful days of 12 Tijax and 13 Kawok.

However, there is certainly another side that can be seen with both of these days and, of course, I will deal with 12 Tijax first. The energy of the nawal Tijax does have a reputation for its warlike nature, although I personally have rarely seen that expressed. What I have experienced, is a desire for refinement. Whilst there might be a degree of what some people might consider to be ruthlessness, Tijax just knows where and how to make cuts. It is not afraid to make the cut that which others shy away from, and does so to bring truth, beauty or harmony into the world.

The number 12 can represent all of our life experience. If we think about our experience being our autobiography, so we can understand that today can involve editing out the stories which are no longer relevant. It is a great day to release those experiences which hold you back from being your truest expression. It is a day to use all the experience you have gathered on your journey as a guide as to what to save and what to release. When you cut away the excess baggage you are able to move more freely on your journey. Experiences in our lives mould us into who we are, but we cannot move further if we don’t break free of the mould. We don’t have to regret our past, but we don’t have to live in it either. It is a day to heal these experiences, to cut ourselves free and allow the divine to emerge. This may, however, involve some rather deep cuts of the blade. This is a day to use your life experience to cut through injustice, lies and disharmony in order to bring healing to your world.

Solstice Ceremony Livestream Event

Over the last few months I have been less active with ceremony than usual. It is more challenging to get hold of supplies right now, but this week I received a strong intuition to make this ceremony. I would like to use this platform to help the people here in the villages. Participation in this ceremony is free of charge, but if you would like to make a donation, I would ask that you consider making a donation to one of these two projects, run by personal friends of mine, who are helping the people of San Pablo la Laguna and San Marcos la Laguna.



I have managed to sort out my audio and video settings to ensure that the whole ceremony can be seen and heard correctly by those of you who wish to join me. The solstice occurs on 12 Tijax this year, around 3.45pm Guatemala time. It’s a strong day for healing and to cut away the things which cause illness. Of course with the current world situation, this is a great day to use our collective life experience, signified by the number 12, to bring about healing. Additionally, this solstice will be followed by a solar eclipse, about 9 hours later, and then by the day 1 Ajpu, so what can we determine from this? Well, the solstice, the peak of the solar energy in the Northern hemisphere, occurs during the 20 day period of 7 Ajpu, the death of the old sun. It is closely followed by the symbolic death of the sun as it is blacked out by the new moon during the eclipse. That occurs on the day 13 Kawok, which could be seen as the midwife who assists the birth from the spirit world, but also the healing that comes from the ancestors. The following day is 1 Ajpu, the birth of the new sun. So this could truly seen as a time of healing to bring back the light, and bring a new light, to the world. It can also be seen as the end of one spiritual quest in order to give birth to a new direction, which appears on 1 Ajpu. The solstice ceremony could be used to illuminate that which needs to be released from your life in order to go through the birth process into the new quest.

The ceremony will take around 2 hours, as I call in the directions, my teachers, ceremonial sites and the essences of the 20 nawales. I will petition each one for assistance in this time. For the second time I have felt a desire to share this over a live stream, to include those friends from around the world who have participated in ceremony here in my garden. I will do what I can to make this happen, but please be patient as it will be connected over a 4G cell phone hotspot connection. I will do my best to position the camera and microphone so that you can fully connect with the sounds and sights of the ceremony and the fire. Perhaps you can even make your own fire at home and make your offerings to your fire as we journey through the nawales.

The event link is here, it will be streamed through my Four Pillars Facebook page as a Facebook Live event. I will try to stream directly through the event page, but it may just be through my Facebook live page. The event will begin at 2.30pm Guatemala time. https://www.facebook.com/events/574551793487352/

Please be aware that for those of you here in Guatemala, this is an online event only, in line with the current government rules we cannot allow people to be here in person.

The nawal Tijax is often thought of as an obsidian blade or knife. How the blade is used depends on the intention of the person wielding it. It can be wielded by a warrior or by a surgeon. These would seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but where Tijax is concerned the aim is the same – healing.

Tijax is the nawal of the holy warrior. In the Mayan book of creation , the Popol Vuh, the first act of the hero twins was a mission given to them by the Heart of the Sky to rid the world of the false gods Seven Macaw, Zipacna and Earthquake. This is their quest, their crusade, and is represented by Tijax. They then sacrifice themselves in the underworld (Kame) and are resurrected with magical abilities (Ix). By destroying the false gods, the twins brought balance to the world, and helped mankind, they brought healing to the world. They cut out that which caused disease, exactly as a surgeon would do.

Tijax is celebrated as a day of healers, particularly what could be seen as the masculine aspect of healing. It is a day of crusading, of standing up for what is right. It has a tenacity to it, it is sometimes belligerent, it will not be stopped in its quest. It is the healer who refuses to give up on finding a cure. Tijax gives powers of discernment and refinement. Just as the surgeons scalpel cuts away disease and the warriors blade dispatches the evil, the sculptors chisel creates beauty by remodelling the base material. It is a day of alchemy, both internal and external, turning the ordinary into the divine.

The number 12 is the penultimate number. In some ways it can be seen as the last Earthly number, the number 13 representing the spirit world. We travelled through the mortal world with 1 through 6, then the other world with 7 through 12. In this way 12 can be seen as a point of bringing all of the experiences into one bundle for presentation to the spirit world as we step into 13. As such, the number 12 brings a wealth of experience into one place, it is rather like writing an autobiography. It is totality, all that is, brought together.

11 Aj (21st June 2019) Solstice

11 AjThe authoritative and just energy of nawal Aj combines with the directionless but powerful energy of the number 11. This may give an energy of leadership, with a focus in many different directions.

It is an interesting combination of energy with the mild mannered energy of the nawal Aj combining with the highly energetic, yet meandering qualities of the 11. Perhaps this is one of the few days that can actually ground the energy of the 11 and put it to good use within the home. You may be distracted when it comes to projects to nourish your community or family, starting many “important” jobs, yet not finishing them. Be assured you may be laying the ground work for an upcoming masterpiece to sustain all.

May the Heart of the Sky be in my heart,

May my heart be in the Heart of the Earth,

May the Heart of the Earth be in my heart,

May my heart be in the Heart of the Sky

The nawal Aj is related to many things which generally revolve around leadership on an earthly level. It is sometimes known as the cornstalk, sometimes the staff of life. It represents the spinal column within the body, that which allows us to stand tall, proud and brave. As the cornstalk, it has it’s roots in the Earth, and it’s head in the sky. As we are the people of maize, if we wish to lead in a just manner, we should cultivate our connection with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth.

Foliated crossThis is a picture of the carving at the top of one of my favourite Mayan temples, the Temple of the Foliated Cross on the site of Palenque (Bàakʼ) in Chiapas, Mexico. At the top of the tablet you see a bird, which represents the Heart of the Sky, the face with the large rectangular (crossed) eyes at the base of the cross represents the Heart of the Earth. The foliated cross is a stylised maize plant with the heads of humans emerging. This is Aj bringing life to the world. It is the central pillar, that which supports life. It is represented by the staffs carried by the elders of Mayan communities to this day. 

Aj is an authority, it is gentle, yet noble. It works quietly for the community it leads. It does not seek the limelight. This is a day that seeks sustenance for it’s people, that keeps everything in it’s rightful place. It is a day where we ask for the courage and bravery to stand up straight and tall, to do the right thing.

The number 11 is a high and odd number. This gives it some rather challenging properties, although it can come good in the end. Imagine you visit Ireland and are transfixed by the green of the hills, then you go to Morocco and are awed by the red of the buildings, then you go to the Caribbean and are moved by the turquoise sea. You return home and paint a beautiful picture using those colours. When you were in Ireland you didn’t know you were going to paint that masterpiece, you may not have even known why you were there.  This is how 11 works. You are sure you need to be doing something, but unsure why. You are collecting experience through many wanderings.

7 N’oj (20th June 2016)

7 N'ojToday may see knowledge and theories from different sources coalescing to form one combined idea as the plan is finalised. This process is empowered first by the energy of the full moon and then by the solstice.

At the beginning of this solar year, we welcomed the nawal 4 N’oj as the year bearer. This gave the overall theme of the year of bringing plans into physical stability. Now on its 7th occurrence, we see the nawal N’oj combined with the number 7, the number of endings and finality. This suggests that now is the time to finalise plans. These plans may be coming from many directions, and it may lead to some confusion as to which ones to develop. This is the day to make the decision, you can see them all for what they are.

The energy of the full moon in Sagittarius sheds light on the darkness, on what is hidden from view, and brings out a desire to actively seek out the truth of matters. As this process continues, the peak solar energy of the solstice happens 11 hours later, strongly illuminating the resolution or aim. This could prove to be a very dynamic combination alone, but combined with the problem solving intellect of N’oj and the balance and finality of the number 7 should give rise to extremely practical solutions for conclusion.

Within the cycle of the year are many sub-cycles. I often mention the cycle of the trecenas, but here is another, the 20 day cycle. The theme of this 20 day cycle, from 7 N’oj to 1 N’oj, should be finishing off one plan or set of ideas so that the  new ides can be born in the future. So, not only should the energy of today highlight a drive to get things finished off, this should continue for the next 20 days.

This is also the start of the month Rukub’ Pach (the second hatching of hens), the seventh month of the year, the peak of the growth cycle. It is coinciding with the northern summer solstice, which occurs in the northern hemisphere on June 20th for everywhere west of eastern Europe (to the east of eastern Europe, solstice is occurring on the 21st June). If the cycle of the year were seen as the cycle of the day, the June solstice in the northern hemisphere could be seen as midday, the time when the sun is at its highest point, its most energetic and vital. If the cycle of the year were seen as the cycle of life, the summer solstice could be seen as the point in time when the growth of the child has finished, but the decay of old age is yet to set in, it is the peak of physical perfection. Today this energy is expressed through the nawal 7 N’oj, empowering and raising to a peak knowledge and intellect.

Macewal Q'ij 2The nawal N’oj is the nawal of thought, of intelligence and intellect. Within the count of days, there are two geniuses. B’atz is the creative genius, N’oj the intellectual one. N’oj is an energy of masculine, logical thought. N’oj is the problem solver, it gives ideas and solutions which work in the real world. N’oj gives a different way to understand situations, and through this ability comes innovation. It is thought, but also understanding and, indeed, knowing. As such, N’oj is also a day associated with divination.

This energy is not necessarily social, it can lead to becoming absorbed into one’s work, lost in one’s thoughts. The influence of N’oj can create ideas which may be very much ahead of their time. Do not be surprised if ideas you have on this day take a little time to catch on, the people you express the ideas to may need a little time to process, to see the genius within the idea.

N’oj is also one of the classic year bearers, or year lords. As a year bearer it is thought to be one of the more beneficial and benign energies. This year, 2016,  is the year 4 N’oj.

Number Sequence.jpg
The sequence of numbers as they appear with each appearance of a nawal. Here we see that the sequence begins with 1 and ends with 7, giving 7 as a number of finality.

The number seven is the mid-point of the range of numbers. It is known as a number of death and endings, which would seem strange as it is only half way through. It is another representation of the change of state of the soul, showing half of the journey (1-6) in the mortal world and half (8-13) in the otherworld.

The numbers of the days set out as a pyramid.
The numbers of the days as they appear through the trecena. Here they can also be set out as a pyramid, reaching the peak is also the end of a journey.

If we imagine the numbers 1 through 13 as a pyramid, the number seven would be at the top. Seven is the number of balance, it gives the ability to weigh up situations and see all points of view. While this may be very noble, it may lead to indecision.