The Trecena of Ix (27th May – 8th June 2020)

The Trecena of Ix gives us a new opportunity to connect with the spirit of Mother Earth, to find new ways to protect her, and to find the magic within each one of us as we connect with the sacred places, the altars and shrines.

If you wish to help relieve the current crisis in Guatemala, and heard me refer to links to help the people here, I have attached them below.

To help the people of San Pablo la Laguna, please follow this link

To help the people of San Marcos la Laguna, please follow this link

New Video – The Trecena of Aq’ab’al (26th February – 9th March 2020)

Somewhere in the darkness, light begins to make its presence known. This is the beginning of beginnings, it is the first spark of the fire. The first spark needs tending, gentle use of breath and material in order to grow it into the fire it will become.The spark may represent a new idea that you have, but this is the first thought of this idea. It is something that comes in the waking moment, fresh from the dream world. It has started to emerge into this world, but is still uncertain, hidden and yet to take much form. This is the moment where it needs support and tending, just as the spark, or the newborn needs care and attention. This is where the input and encouragement of family, friends and community can help that spark to become the fire, or that newborn to grow.

This is the trecena of Aq’ab’al, the new concept, coming gradually into the new day. It is a time to begin new projects, to bring new concepts into the world.

Recorded live at Living the Sacred Calendar, at Samsara’s Garden, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, 13 Iq’ (25th February 2020)


New Video – Wayeb and the New Solar Cycle 8 No’j

As we go into the day 3 E’ we enter the final five days of the Mayan solar year, a period known as Wayeb. This is a period of introspection, of retreat, known for its unpredictable energies. Here I share some information about the Mayan solar year and the year bearers, as well as Wayeb.

This is a part of the “Living the Sacred Calendar” presentation I made on 13 Toj (12th February 2020) at Samsara’s Garden, San Marcos la Laguna.

New Video – The Trecena of Tz’i (29th May – 10th June 2019)

The Trecena of Tz’i is a time of renewal of faith, a time to bring new justice to our world, a time to trust our guidance and more than anything, a time to embrace the unconditional love within each one of us.

This trecena has me particularly inspired, so this video is much longer than the ones I normally make. I hope you enjoy it!