New Video – The Trecena of Iq’ (2nd – 14th November 2018)

The trecena of Iq’ is a time to breathe life into something new. It may be a time of turbulance as the old pattern or path makes way for the new arrival. Additionally, there are some strong events happening in a very short space of time, Astronomical Samhain, where the portals to the otherworld are open, and the return of the year lord 6 Kej both falling on the new moon (7th November) and the return of the morning star, the heliacal rise of Venus on 7 Q’anil, the day of final ripening (8th November). Hold on to your hats, this could be a bit of a wild ride!

New Video – Venus as the Evening Star combining with the Year Lord 6 Kej

After a great deal of deliberation and waiting, I have finally put together the video I have been sitting on for some time. These last few months have proved challenging for many people, on a deeply personal level. We have been forced to look deep within ourselves at patterns and attachments, as they are brought to the fore. It is my belief that the combination of the power of the year lord 6 Kej with the Evening Star phase of Venus, as shown within the Maya calendars, may give us an understanding of this

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