5 Tz’ikin (12th June 2021)

5 Tz'ikinThe nawal representing prosperity is combined with the number representing work, so we could imagine that your effort will be well rewarded today. However, you might have difficulty seeing it for what it is.

The nawal Tz’ikin brings the opportunity to prosper through the vision it brings. It endows both the ability to focus, and the ability to see the big picture. Whilst these are both extremely important qualities, their application at the appropriate time is also something that Tz’ikin helps us to learn. Whilst Tz’ikin is generally seen as a very positive nawal, its challenge is to avoid distraction, to learn to truly focus when it is required of us.

When combined with the number five as it is today, the ability to engage with the focus of Tz’ikin may require a little more work than usual. Whilst the visionary aspect that it carries may still lead to a fortunate conclusion, removing yourself from a distracting environment may make this easier.

Therefore, 5 Tz’ikin could be seen as an important day to focus your energy into the vision of what you wish to achieve. Gather your enthusiasm and get to work on whatever this might be, it is likely to bring a prosperous outcome.

Itzamna, the principle bird deity, from the “Hero Twins” frieze on the Tecolote pyramid complex at El Mirador. Photo by Mark Elmy

Nawal Tz’ikin is the nawal of prosperity, which sometimes seems odd to people seeking “higher knowledge”. It is not quite seen the same here. If your family is starving, you are more likely to fall off the good road, perhaps into dishonesty or criminal activity. By asking nawal Tz’ikin for prosperity in your life, you are more likely to be relaxed, to be able to help others and to be more constructive within your community. That is not to say that your own input of hard work will not be necessary, just that it is hard work that will pay off.

Tz’ikin has the ability to give visions, it helps people to see the bigger picture within life. It also helps people to focus on details. It has grand aspirations and helps people to rise to the top of their abilities, which of course brings them prosperity.

Just as Tz’ikin can focus, its broad vision can occasionally cause distraction. Sometimes, just when it is heading towards its goal it can be distracted by something “shiny.” This energy gives an ability to create great social networks, but sometimes spends too much time trying to maintain them.

The Sacred Mayan calendar is often said to be a calendar of human life, and parts of it can be seen as a microcosm of the human body. The number five is one of these parts. It is representative of the hand with it’s five digits. It is with our hands that we work, and with what we earn for that work that we pay our debts. Five is also a number that relates to the sacred fire where we pay our debts with offerings and prayers. Five might be so busy working that it fails to remember what it is working for. It can also signify that what it is attached to becomes work, or is “hard work”.

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