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4 Ix (11th June 2021)

4 IxStability of your connection to the spirit of Mother Earth and the abundance that comes from her is highlighted today. It is a day to manifest this into the physical realm.

The nawal Ix brings us the ability to call on mother Earth to provide us with the materials we require to walk our path. We do this simply by asking, by using our words, particularly at special places such as shrines or altars. With this day carrying the number 4, the energy of nawal Ix is empowered by the qualities of the four directions – strength, wisdom, spirit and healing. These are the qualities that support the stability of what they are attached to. Hence, asking for what you need in life is likely to yield a positive result.

The nawal Ix also had a deeply esoteric side, however it is termed the simplest word to describe its gift is magic. We may shy away from the use of such words, but Ix enhances our ability to co- create with our surroundings. It reminds us that the power to shape our environment is in our hands, as is the responsibility. The energy of 4 Ix suggests that our ability to co-create, our “magic”, may be quite apparent in the physical realm today. In fact, today it may be easier than usual to manifest our desires into the physical, be aware of what you are creating and be prepared to take responsibility for your creation.

The day 4 Ix is a day to remember to give thanks for what you have asked for, what has manifested into your physical world. It is a good day to show your gratitude to mother Earth by doing something physically to restore your balance with her.

Jaguar Shaman
A dancing shaman transforms himself into a jaguar. From a late classic era vase found at Altar de Sacrificios. Source http://shortstreet.net/Maya/mayapaintedvases.htm

Ix is possibly the most feminine of the nawales. It represents the spirit of Mother Earth and could easily be seen as a Mayan representation of Gaia. Ix can be seen as a mothering energy, nurturing all things, but this should not be confused with weakness – the animal totem of Ix is the jaguar, and it is as the jaguar that Ix is often known. The jaguar is, of course, powerful and stealthy. Ix also embodies these qualities. The jaguar is an animal of the night, slipping magically through the darkness, the spots of her back a representation of the milky way. She carries the sun on it’s nightly journey through the underworld.

The connection Ix has with the Earth gives it the ability to manifest material wealth. In the Mayan cross astrological configuration, Kame evolves to Ix. In the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, the Hero Twins sacrificed themselves in the underworld (Kame) and then were resurrected as a pair of catfish, later to become travelling magicians (Ix.) They cut the heads off animals, then resurrected them, they even cut off each others heads and brought each other back to life. In these scenes they are shown with patches of jaguar skin on their clothing, a symbolism denoting that the wearer is a shaman. Thus through the symbolic death or sacrifice, the shamanic power emerges.

Industrialised societies tend to see the Earth as an inanimate source of material wealth. Non-industrialised societies see her as a living entity with whom we can interact, and she carries the nawal Ix. So, it is on Ix days that prayers are offered at her places, the shrines and altars, her ears, to ask for what we need in our world.

Whilst Ix has the power to engage with the magic of the Earth, it also has a tendency towards illness. This is particularly strong when the vain, ungrateful side of Ix emerges. The magic that runs through this nawal comes so easily, that sometimes it forgets that everything really comes from the Earth and it is to the Earth that we must show our gratitude. Ix is also the nawal of natural shrines and altars, the places where fire ceremonies are made to give thanks. A spirit of gratitude and humility keeps Ix healthy. Ix is of course deeply connected with the natural world and it is here that they find their wisdom, power and wealth. This is a day to give thanks, to remember gratitude, and a day to engage with your magic.

The number 4 is very important within Mayan mythology. Four represents the cardinal points, the four colours of maize, the four carriers of the year, the two equinoxes and two solstices, as well as midnight, sunrise, midday and sunset. The number four is representative of the four first men, who raised the sky from the sea to create the world we live on. In Mayan myth it is four pillars that support the sky from the Earth. As you can imagine, four is a number which represents stability, a solar number. Even though it is still low, it is thought of as a beneficial number.

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  1. Mark ~ Can you share the names of the “four first men”? (and maybe where they are from?)

  2. They are Balam Kitze, Balam Aq’ab, Majukutaj and Balam Ikim. They were fashioned by Ixmucane from the four colours of maize. See the Popol Vuh for more details

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