4 Kej (24th June 2021)

4 KejStrength that brings stability is especially highlighted today as both the nawal Kej and the number 4 combine their properties. Each can be seen as representations of the Four Pillars, keeping everything in its rightful place.

The nawal Kej is known for its strength, which sometimes can become a little domineering. It is not necessarily meant that way, after all it is a nawal of spiritual leadership and truly has the interests of its followers at heart.

Kej brings the strength to make the difference, but the number 4 tempers it to bring this strength in a carefully measured, balanced way. It is strength empowered by the qualities of the four directions – vitality, wisdom, spirit and healing – which brings the material world into being. This can very much be seen as the day which represents the four first men, the four first leaders, the Bacab’ob – Balam Kitze, Balam Acab, Majutujaj and Balam Ikim. These were the four first humans created and were seen as the spiritual leaders of the patrilineages, as well as the forefathers. As such they formed the base for all who followed on from them, and their stability allowed the human race to flourish.

Today the strength of Kej should be particularly useful. There could be no more significant day to represent a strong foundation, or an energy of bringing strength and stability to a situation. It is a day to step forward and take charge of matters if they need resolving.

Equally, the nawal Kej is the representative of the natural world and Kej days are excellent days to spend in the wilderness. If you are feeling a little weakened or out of balance, today is a powerful day to take a walk in the woods in order to re-energise yourself and bring yourself back into stability.

Xbalamkiej, patron of the day Kej one of the hero twins from the Popol Vuh. From the Dresden Codex
Xbalamkiej, patron of the day Kej one of the hero twins from the Popol Vuh. From the Dresden Codex


Kej is possibly the strongest of the nawales, it is powerful, but in a different way to Kan. Kej is energetic, lively and determined. It is the nawal of nature, of the wilderness and it is this power that it draws on. The animal totem of Kej is the deer, but if you have fragile, new-born Bambi in mind, think again. This is the majestic stag, standing on the mountain surveying his domain. Whilst most nawales are not necessarily engendered, Kej is most definitely masculine. Both men and women that carry Kej as their nawal have great strength, although the men tend to hide their strength more. Kej women are particularly driven, resourceful and brave, sometimes to the point of being rather dominant. All radiate an aura of nobility, people tend to look to them to lead.

Kej is the nawal of the Mayan “religion”, a day of spiritual leaders, of shaman and of priests. It is these leaders who understand how to read the messages from the natural world, who help to keep our existence in balance with nature. It is a day to connect with the wilderness and draw the power of the natural world into you, to harmonise and replenish.

The number 4 is very important within Mayan mythology. Four represents the cardinal points, the four colours of maize, the four carriers of the year, the two equinoxes and two solstices, as well as midnight, sunrise, midday and sunset. The number four is representative of the four first men, who raised the sky from the sea to create the world we live on. In Mayan myth it is four pillars that support the sky from the Earth. As you can imagine, four is a number which represents stability, a solar number. Even though it is still low, it is thought of as a beneficial number.

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