13 Ajpu (4th December 2023)

13 AjpuThe connection to the ancestors should be strong and powerful today. Guidance in matters such your spiritual path, your hero’s quest, should be obvious. Be prepared for the answers to appear right in front of you.

13 Ajpu is a day when we see ourselves and the true selves of those around us. Today allows us to embody who we truly are. We may judge those around us based on our values, but what we see in them is their truth. 13 Ajpu may also bring reflections of our own behaviour. We should be careful not to judge to quickly, we might be seeing our own faults.

This can be seen as what we have been waiting for appearing, nine months of gestation leading to this day. It is the resurrection of the Maize Lord, and his ascension to the spirit world all in one. It can be seen as the move to the next level, where the power of the ancestors is revealed.

Today the feeling of divinity in the world is intoxicating, when you notice the extraordinary around you. It is essential, then, to stay well-grounded as Ajpu has a penchant for spiritual intrigue. Ajpu can draw people towards the overly mystical. They may become lost in its charms or bewitched by its words. With the otherworld power of the 13 attached, this may result in an intense experience.

Make your art today, bring the essence of the divine into the physical world.  If you look for inspiration in the natural world, spirit will guide you to create exceptional beauty. It is, of course, a great day to make an offering to the ancestors for their guidance.

The Nawal Ajpu

Kinich Ahau, the solar deity, lord of space and time. From the Dresden Codex.
Kinich Ahau, the solar deity, lord of space and time. From the Dresden Codex.

Nawal Ajpu is once again a nawal with a multitude of meanings and translations. In the Yucatec language it is known as Ahau, in Kiche is is also known as Junajpu. These are variously translated as lord, hunter, blow gunner, flower and sun. Each one of the translations has its merits, and represents an aspect of this auspicious nawal.

Within the ancient Mayan society, the royals were not just political leaders of their particular city-states, they were priest-kings and priest-queens. They served as the conduit to the divine, deriving their wisdom for guiding their people through their connection with the Hearts of the Earth and the Sky. This wisdom enriched both the ruling dynasty and their people, as they would be working in harmony with the gods. The ruler of the city was also the physical embodiment of the divine, and Ajpu is closely related to this. Likewise it represents our potential, the state of divinity to which we may aspire.

Ajpu represents the holiness in life, the divinity in the physical world, and our search for it. It is the search for underlying meaning, understanding that each person is a part of the whole. Whether we like it or not, and however we judge it, we are all a part of creation.

Every action of ourselves and others gives an opportunity to explore ourselves and our reaction. Sometimes we are attracted, sometimes repelled by the action of others. Occasionally Ajpu can lead us to become immersed in the other world, to lose sight of reality. It is important to remember to stay in touch with the Earth as we reach to the Sky.

The Number 13

The number 13 is the final number. It represents the spirit world. It is said that on Samhain, the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. However within the sacred calendar, this thinning happens every 13 days. This connection with the spirit world creates a powerful day. Both the positive and negative aspects of the day come through strongly. It is a very good day for activities such as divinations. Ceremonies on 13 days are best left to experienced Aj Q’ijab who understand how to work with that energy.