9 Aq’ab’al (15th June 2022)

9 Aq'ab'alThe day 9 Aq’ab’al can be seen as a very special day indeed. It can be seen as bringing dreams to life, creating a new concept which becomes an important part of your life.

Today we see an interesting progression, all within the trecena of Tz’ikin, the trecena of the new vision. Two days ago, 7 Imox brought us the multitude of possibilities, of dreams, to choose from. Yesterday, on 8 Iq’, we breathed life into those dreams and today the dream begins to make a transition into the physical world. This day of conception can be seen as the planting of the seed of new life. This might not be the day on which you start a new life, or make a massive change regarding your life path, but it is a very strong day to start the ball rolling towards a change which will take effect in the future. It is still hidden in the darkness, but it’s passage towards the light of reality has begun.


In the K’iche language, the word aq’ab means night. The suffix -al changes the meaning slightly, to hint at change and alludes to the dawning of the day, the time between darkness and light, night and day. Just as birth is the beginning of the mortal journey, Aq’ab’al is the beginning of the day, although the detail of the day may still be obscured. Aq’ab’al is representative of new things, things which are not yet fully formed. While in Santiago Atitlan one day, a friend explained to me the different parts of a weaving in process on a backstrap loom. Aq’ab’al is the warp (the vertical threads), B’atz is the weft (the horizontal threads) which creates the whole cloth, and the newly woven cloth is Kawok. In order for the weaver to create, first she has an idea in her head or a dream. She sets out the dream on her loom by setting up the warp. Thus, the design has passed from being just an idea, to the beginnings of a woven reality, although it still requires creative input before it becomes whole. Aq’ab’al can also represent conception, the fertilised egg is far from ready to be born, but has passed from the dream or spirit world into the physical.

Aq’ab’al days are great days for the start of new things, particularly new relationships – Aq’ab’al has a strong affinity with marriage. It is also a perfect day for starting new projects, or at least bringing them into the world of light from the world of dreams and ideas.

An update to my Google calendar plugin

As many of you are aware, in 2017 I created a Google calendar plugin, so that you can see the days of the Chol Q’ij on the calendar you carry with you on your phone or tablet, as well as on your pc. The calendar goes on indefinitely, although it does not go back beyond 2017.

It was a rather laborious task to create the plugin, yet I always wanted to develop the idea further. Today I started that development. I am now beginning to add a text of my interpretation of the energy of each day to the calendar. It is a work in progress, and will be completed over the next few months. For those of you who have already bought the plugin, you can click on the name of the day on the calendar and it should open another window with the text (as you can see from this screenshot)

If you haven’t already checked out the plugin and think that it might make a useful addition to your phone, you can find more information about it here https://thefourpillars.net/?page_id=4420