Follow your instincts in the wilderness today

11 Kej (27th October 2020)

11 KejThe strength of the nawal Kej combines with the strong and directionless energy of the number 11. This is a day to be aware of the strength of actions and which direction they are heading towards.

The energy of the number 11 can give rise to strong and highly unpredictable days. These are days where you might not know why you are doing something, but you do it with absolute certainty that it is the right thing to do. Today it is combined with the determination from the nawal Kej, which may lead to an even higher degree of certainty that you are going in the correct direction even if you do not know why. This will also have the force of the nawal Kej behind it, the nawal of strength itself, so any actions will be empowered and it may be all too easy to apply too much.

From the idea of Kej representing either a deer or a horse (as it is translated in modern day K’iche) this could be seen as a stampede, all that force and energy in no particular direction. This is a day where you may need to be more aware than usual of what is going on around you and prepare to take evasive action if necessary. Trying to stop the stampede will not work, there is too much determination involved, but you can get out of its way. Of course, it is not only the actions of others which carry this energy. It is a day to be aware of your own determination towards making something happen, awareness of the strength you may be working with. Are you really aware of the direction in which it is taking you?

This is certainly not a day to attempt to tame the wild within or in others, but a wandering in the forest may provide strong experiences which you incorporate at a later time. If you do choose to walk in the wilderness today, follow your instincts rather than a set path. You may find new strength in your discoveries.

Xbalamkiej, patron of the day Kej one of the hero twins from the Popol Vuh. From the Dresden Codex
Xbalamkiej, patron of the day Kej one of the hero twins from the Popol Vuh. From the Dresden Codex

Kej is possibly the strongest of the nawales, it is powerful, but in a different way to Kan. Kej is energetic, lively and determined. It is the nawal of nature, of the wilderness and it is this power that it draws on. The animal totem of Kej is the deer, but if you have fragile, new-born Bambi in mind, think again. This is the majestic stag, standing on the mountain surveying his domain. Whilst most nawales are not necessarily engendered, Kej is most definitely masculine. Both men and women that carry Kej as their nawal have great strength, although the men tend to hide their strength more. Kej women are particularly driven, resourceful and brave, sometimes to the point of being rather dominant. All radiate an aura of nobility, people tend to look to them to lead.

Kej is the nawal of the Mayan “religion”, a day of spiritual leaders, of shaman and of priests. It is these leaders who understand how to read the messages from the natural world, who help to keep our existence in balance with nature. It is a day to connect with the wilderness and draw the power of the natural world into you, to harmonise and replenish.

The number 11 is a high and odd number. This gives it some rather challenging properties, although it can come good in the end. Imagine you visit Ireland and are transfixed by the green of the hills, then you go to Morocco and are awed by the red of the buildings, then you go to the Caribbean and are moved by the turquoise sea. You return home and paint a beautiful picture using those colours. When you were in Ireland you didn’t know you were going to paint that masterpiece, you may not have even known why you were there.  This is how 11 works. You are sure you need to be doing something, but unsure why. You are collecting experience through many wanderings.

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