The Dresden Codex Venus table, an interesting application of the Maya Calendar

The Inferior Conjunction of Venus – 10 Q’anil (11th January 2022)

Since the day 7 Tijax (6th May 2021) Venus has appeared in the west, in the evening sky. From November 2021 onward it became a little lower each night until it became lost in the glare of the sunset. Today, according to the Dresden Codex, is the first day of the inferior conjunction of Venus. Venus is passing between the Earth and the Sun, and as such is not visible in our night sky.

Venus as the evening star can be seen to represent the obsidian mirror, the dark mirror within us showing us the parts of our ego we would rather hide from the world. It has the power to illuminate the half truths that we occasionally tell ourselves, stripping away the false support which comes from them and in turn replacing them with truth. It is on this truth that we can then build when Venus returns as the morning star, and we can move into a time of advancement and enlightenment.

In this cycle within the codex, the first day of the inferior conjunction happens on 10 Q’anil. This can be seen as working together in order to bring out the full brilliance of community, to come to ripeness after a period of darkness.  We are preparing for a journey which will take us through to 5 Ajmak (19th January 2022).


The inferior conjunction of Venus has coincided with some societal upheavals including the downfall of leaders occurring during or soon after. According to Bruce Scofield in his book How to Practice Mayan Astrology:

“Newsworthy events occurring at, or just after, the inferior conjunction are often characterized by impulsive human errors the lead to a levelling or crash of some sort.”



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