THE day of temptations

11 Tz’i (23rd January 2024)

11 Tz'iToday may very well be THE day of temptations. It will be important to find a direction to focus your instincts before you engage them. Once you find that direction, keep with it.

Today, the nawal of loyalty combines with the uncertainty and strength of the number 11, today may prove to be a rather confusing day regarding loyalties.

The nawal Tz’i can be your best friend. The love it gives is unconditional, guiding and protecting you through thick and thin. It represents devotion, whether to a person or a cause. Although it is strong the number 11 can also lack direction, or try to go in all directions at once. Today that could lead to divided loyalty. It is a day when you may find yourself trying to be all things to all people. Of course, this is a very noble ideal, but not only may you find it difficult to accomplish. Instead, you may find that you end up with some conflicts of interest. As a result, your loyalty may end up spread too thin. You may then fail to achieve your intended goal in any of the intended areas.

The energy of the nawal Tz’i is also known for its impulsive nature, particularly when it comes to sensual matters. When this energy is combined with the impulsive energy of the number 11, desires and urges may be difficult to control. The nawal Tz’i is also the nawal which represents our guidance. So, its combination with the number 11 may suggest that there is a strong and undeniable feeling of being guided by something. It will be important to apply some perspective to this guidance. The strength of the drive may be irresistible, however, is it really in your long-term interests?

The Nawal Tz’i

The dog sits by the cauldron, from the Madrid Codex

Tz’i is possibly the nawal with the most colourful reputation. Some describe it as the nawal of “sex, drugs and rock and roll” and it has the possibility to live up to that label. One of the functions an Aj Q’ij (Mayan spiritual guide) performs is divination, usually using red seeds called Tz’ite. If a question is asked about a relationship and Tz’i comes up in the reading, it is seen as a sign of  infidelity. Tz’i acts on instinct, disregarding reason when hormonally driven. This aspect of Tz’i is particularly bad, and when it fails, it does so dramatically, which is why it tends to be remembered for those events.

However, what is sometimes forgotten is the other side of Tz’i, which is the side more frequently displayed. Just as Tz’i can represent infidelity, it also represents faith and loyalty. Just as it can be the trouble maker, it also represents law. It is the nawal of police, lawyers and judges. Tz’i is unwavering faith, unconditional loyalty. The totem animal of Tz’i is the dog, and we can understand both loyalty and instinct through their actions. Tz’i is also the guide and protector on life’s path, ensuring that it’s charge travels safely. It is a day when your faith or loyalty may be tested,  where your instincts are stimulated. The positive traits of this day give rise to to some of the greatest displays of friendship. However, be aware that your loyalty may be tested by temptation.

The Number 11

The number 11 is a high and odd number. This gives it some rather challenging properties, although it can come good in the end. Imagine you visit Ireland and are transfixed by the green of the hills. Then you go to Morocco and are awed by the red of the buildings. Then you go to the Caribbean and are moved by the turquoise sea. You return home and paint a beautiful picture using those colours. When you were in Ireland you didn’t know you were going to paint that masterpiece. You may not have even known why you were there.  This is how 11 works. You are sure you need to be doing something, but unsure why. You are collecting experience through many wanderings.

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