begins a period of forgiveness

6 Ajmak (18th April 2024)

6 Ajmak This could be one of the most important days to settle any family issues. Today Ajmak, the nawal of forgiveness and ancestors, combines with the number representing stability and family. As humans move through life, things happen. We make choices and decisions, some of which we may have made differently with the benefit of hindsight. The results of our decisions have impacts on others. Some it may bring some people closer, or may drive others further away. If they are mere acquaintances, they may come and go at different points through life, however, if they are family there is a much closer bond. You may be lucky enough to have a family that stick by you through thick and thin, that support your decisions. Sometimes they may support you while not agreeing with your decisions or actions. If you are really unfortunate, you may be at odds with your ancestors, such are the differences in your values. The trecena of B’atz has a theme of creation, of weaving things together. Support from our ancestors can bring us great strength on our journey, and bring the sweetness into our lives. With the number 6 highlighting the family, today brings the energy of resolution of differences within your family. If there are outstanding matters causing friction with your ancestors, today is the day to sort them out. Whether forgiveness is what you need to ask for, or what you need to give, great stability can be created today through this action.

Nawal Ajmak

Raw honey, fresh from San Juan la Laguna by Mark Elmy
Ajmak is the nawal of pardon and forgiveness, the nawal of redemption. It is the energy of being human, of falling and getting back up again and giving those chances to others. When the creators fashioned the four first men, the Bacab’ob, they created them as equals. These four first humans had superhuman abilities, including the ability to see through space and time. As equals were not desired, the gods smoked the mirror of perception, giving us our human set of senses. When we lost the ability to see through time, we lost the ability to see the true consequences of our actions and thus we needed to start asking for forgiveness. Sometimes even well-meaning actions can cause problems at a later date. Ajmak represents this ability to forgive others, the ability to forgive ourselves and the ability to accept forgiveness. Ajmak is a sensual energy, which creates some of the reasons for its needing to be forgiven. It is kind and very lovable, but irresponsible. It can be a very talented energy, with great ideas. However, it can also be very easily distracted, especially by anything that makes it feel nice. This often leads Ajmak to fail to fulfil its true potential, although due to its lovable nature it is easy to forgive. One of the lessons with regard to the Ajmak energy is learning to forgive oneself.

The Number Six

The number six is said to be the number of ultimate stability. It is the first of the three middle numbers of the cycle, the balance point. Thus, ceremonies are often made on six days thanks to their conducive energy. The number 6 carries the qualities of the number 4, but has an extra axis. If we think of the number four representing the cardinal points, the number six adds a vertical axis to these. It brings in the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. The number six has the stability of the number four embellished by the masculine and feminine principals. If the number four represents the physical world and the number 6 represents the physical world animated by the life force energy. Thus, it also represents family, relating to the six qualities which hold families together – health, understanding, property, employment, friendship and actions.

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