Rewilding Humanity Podcast

Rewilding Humanity Podcast

A few weeks ago I made a Lifepath reading for Krysta Francouer and afterwards she asked me to be a guest on her Rewilding Humanity podcast. I am always happy to have these kind of conversations. It is interesting to see what questions people have, and where they will take our dialogue. Of course we talk about Maya calendars and my path, but there is a great deal more too. We dip into alternative lifestyles and living closer to the Earth. We also talk about conscious community and sustainable living.

Much of this also has to do with getting the timing right, which is where the ancient calendars come in. I find it very interesting that Krysta has chosen to release it now. During the podcast we share our life experiences, and how they bring us into a greater state of harmony. Hopefully some of what we have to share will land for people and bring our homes and communities into a greater state of peace. This seems very apt for this day of 12 Aj and Samhain, connecting with the ancestral ways.

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Krysta and hear her ideas for how we can live a more fulfilling life. She is a very inspiring woman. I hope that you will enjoy our conversation.

You can find the Rewilding Humanity podcast here

4 thoughts on “Rewilding Humanity Podcast”

  1. Hi Jill, I’d be happy to. Please feel free to send me an email through the contact form and we can set it up

  2. Thank you for this Podcast Krysta and Mark. I just listened to it while cooking fresh vegetables (I really enjoyed your common love for gardening).
    I feel inspired and nourished on all levels of being now.
    Appreciation and Love

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