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New Video – The Trecena of No’j (4th -16th July 2021)

The Trecena of No’j is a time to bring forward new ideas and new solutions, new ways of putting your knowledge into practice.

I will be running a Mayan astrology workshop (over Zoom) from 9 Kan to 13 Toj (12th – 16th July 2021) For more information, please follow this link or find the event on Facebook here

Within the village of San Pablo la Laguna, there is an organisation doing great work. They are called ODIM and are specialising in medical and educational services. During the pandemic restrictions, they helped feed many people, but this is in addition to their regular, long term work there. You can find out more about them through this link

3 thoughts on “New Video – The Trecena of No’j (4th -16th July 2021)”

  1. 13 ~ Toj. There was an enlightened master a few thousand years ago who taught: WE INHERIT THE SINS OF OUR FATHERS.

    Your insights about our ability to heal these old ancestral wounds is a BFD Mark… And while this process can take place with our own commitment to heal “ourselves” through counseling, emotional release work, or other traditional modalities, folks sometimes do not realize the significance or power of “Ceremony” is consciously connecting with our ancestors and taking responsibility to stop the pain, dysfunction, and embody this thing called forgiveness… One might literally feel their Joy with their child who has finally resolved an old repetitive family paradigm. Remember; it’s not about me, but about we!
    In lak’ ech 🙏

  2. Thanks again for this video! I trad your posts every day, and they guide me in my meditations in the morning. The video’s give a good oversight of what’s coming up in this trecena, really helpfull! Maltyox!

  3. thank you, tata, you are a beautiful bridge from mayan world to westerners, with your lessons i can see clearly energies in my lineage, i have to work out, as my sign is TOJ, i always remember
    nana tomasa and her family, tata pedro with don mariano and the friends around bosque encantada, nana ingrid, terry, michel, pablo, tatjana.

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