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New Video – The Trecena of K’at (21st June – 3rd July 2021)

The Trecena of K’at gives us the opportunity to reassess what we wish to keep, and what we wish to let go of, in order to grow. It contains one of the most important days of the calendar, Wajxakib (8) B’atz, the day of initiation, the first day of the ceremonial cycle.

My apologies for the poor quality of the sound in this video. A power failure to the villages here meant I had to improvise with connectivity and it created some interference on the sound channel.

Within the village of San Pablo la Laguna, there is an organisation doing great work. They are called ODIM and are specialising in medical and educational services. During the pandemic restrictions, they helped feed many people, but this is in addition to their regular, long term work there. You can find out more about them through this link




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