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7 Ajpu (24th December 2023)

7 AjpuToday is the day to make decisions about where your divine path lays. Learning to see the good in all things is a great idea, but sometimes it can become a distraction.

In the Popol Vuh, there are two sets of heroes that travel into the underworld. The first pair fail at the first challenges. They are solar lords and they fail to understand the concept of deception. It is within this pair that we find this day, being Jun Junajpu (1 Ajpu) and 7 Junajpu (7 Ajpu). These can be seen as being the new sun and the old sun. This could very much relate to one era dying, the old sun descends into the underworld and is never seen again. The day 7 Ajpu suggests the end of a time, the end of an era. The old world has reached the end of its time.

When standing on top of a pyramid, you can see all around you. The combination of Ajpu with energy of the 7 may lead to seeing the holiness all around you. At least it may appear to be. However, it might be an artificial reality, on closer examination you would not include it in your reality.

The lesson of 7 is to make decisions and its other aspect is that of death and finality. Every time we make a decision it results in the death of the other possibilities. Examine carefully what you hold holy, and make the choice as to whether to keep it in your reality or not. Correct identification can lead to the pinnacle of divinity, an illusion may lead to an uncomfortable fall. This may be something that needs to be addressed today.

The Nawal Ajpu

Kinich Ahau, the solar deity, lord of space and time. From the Dresden Codex.
Kinich Ahau, the solar deity, lord of space and time. From the Dresden Codex.

Nawal Ajpu is once again a nawal with a multitude of meanings and translations. In the Yucatec language it is known as Ahau, in Kiche is is also known as Junajpu. These are variously translated as lord, hunter, blow gunner, flower and sun. Each one of the translations has its merits, and represents an aspect of this auspicious nawal.

Within the ancient Mayan society, the royals were not just political leaders of their particular city-states, they were priest-kings and priest-queens. They served as the conduit to the divine, deriving their wisdom for guiding their people through their connection with the Hearts of the Earth and the Sky. This wisdom enriched both the ruling dynasty and their people, as they would be working in harmony with the gods. The ruler of the city was also the physical embodiment of the divine, and Ajpu is closely related to this. Likewise it represents our potential, the state of divinity to which we may aspire.

Ajpu represents the holiness in life, the divinity in the physical world, and our search for it. It is the search for underlying meaning, understanding that each person is a part of the whole. Whether we like it or not, and however we judge it, we are all a part of creation.

Every action of ourselves and others gives an opportunity to explore ourselves and our reaction. Sometimes we are attracted, sometimes repelled by the action of others. Occasionally Ajpu can lead us to become immersed in the other world, to lose sight of reality. It is important to remember to stay in touch with the Earth as we reach to the Sky.

The Number Seven

If we imagine the numbers 1 through 13 as a pyramid, the number seven would be at the top. Seven is the number of balance, it gives the ability to weigh up situations and see all points of view. While this may be very noble, it may lead to indecision.

However, it is also known as a number of death and endings, which would seem strange as it is only half way through. It is another representation of the change of state of the soul, showing half of the journey (1-6) in the mortal world and half (8-13) in the otherworld. As such it can be a great number on which to finalise or end something.

Number Sequence.jpg

The sequence of numbers as they appear with each appearance of a nawal. Here we see that the sequence begins with 1 and ends with 7, giving 7 as a number of finality.

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  1. Dear Mark Elmy!
    I’m following your posts for a while and I enjoy the clarity & sharpness of your words concerning the meaning, the essence of the 260 Nawales.
    Lots of love and a wonderful 7 Ajpu Christmas Night to you and your beloved ones,
    Katja from 🇦🇹

    “You are the seed of what you’ve always been seeking. Now, flower on a winters night! ”
    (part of a poem by Fred Lamotte)

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