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9 Kame (8th April 2024) – Solar Eclipse

9 KameToday can be seen as a day when the essences of both life and death are present. It could show us death and rebirth in the same moment.

We have a choice about the way we confront challenges. The energy of the day would suggest that compassion and acceptance will give the required result. An important transformation may occur through the integration of the feminine aspect.

Often in life, we like to preserve the status quo. We have crafted our life in a certain way and that gives us security. However, life is never still, and even in death, there is movement and transformation. To grow in all ways, we need change in our lives. New experiences and challenges are what help us to mature and develop, they help our souls to ripen. The energy of Kame brings us those opportunities to face our fears and develop through the process of overcoming them.

We see in this day with the nawal of death combined with the number of life. They are both part of the whole. Equal and opposite forces, combining as one and showing us the way of nature. They are the ebb and flow of the life force energy. Through our observation and experience of this, we are able to connect with the wisdom of our ancestors. It is said that by speaking the names of our ancestors we keep them alive. Perhaps today could be seen very much as breathing life into them. If you need to tap into their discernment and courage, today might be a good day to call on them.

Today also highlights life and the feminine aspect in particular. The women in our lives may help us transform towards a higher aspect of ourselves.

Solar Eclipse

The maximum point of eclipse will occur at 18.17 UTC. Eclipses were very significant to the Maya. The picture below is from the eclipse tables of the Dresden codex, where calculations show when eclipses (both lunar and solar) will take place. In general, most references to eclipses, either lunar or solar, tend to be rather negative in nature. They are seen as a war in the heavens. There is some evidence that wars between different classic era city states occurred directly after solar eclipses.

During solar eclipses, the moon is so angry with the sun that she bites him. It is also seen as  either an ant or a jaguar who is said to have bitten the eclipsed celestial object. This can be particularly apparent with partial eclipses, the bite mark on the sun being very much how leaf-cutter ants make circular holes on leaves. The people sometimes make  agreat deal of noise (usually by banging on pots and pans) to drive away the animals attacking the sun or moon.

Of course, the covering of the face of the sun, darkness occurring in the middle of the day is a hugely dramatic experience both then and now. The cutting off of the energy source for our planet would have very serious consequences if it went on for longer.

Today on the day 9 Kame, this might be very apparent. This is a day on which the properties of both life and death are both present. We see the life which comes from the energy of the sun. We experience how the world turns, how the chill comes in when the sun’s energy is cut off. It makes us realise how little it takes to change from life to death. It can be certainly seen as a day to celebrate life.

Nawal Kame

Kame relates to death, which often makes people nervous. However, this nawal is seen as an extremely positive day. Birth is the gateway into the mortal life, death the gateway into the eternal. In many shamanistic traditions, the initiate goes through several death experiences during training. This can be through the use of particular herbs, or sometimes through accident or illness. In these experiences the density of the mortal realm falls away and the greater understanding emerges. It can often be described as a spiritual transformation. In the Popul Vuh, the Mayan book of creation, the Hero Twins descend to the underworld, Xibalba, to confront the Lords of Death. They pass the many challenges set for them, but eventually end up being tricked by the Lord of Death. Instead of giving in, the Hero Twins choose to sacrifice themselves.

They give instructions to a pair of seers to convince the Lords of Death to grind the Twins’ bones to dust and throw the dust in the river. Everything went according to plan and five days later the twins appeared as catfish in the river. They then transformed into vagabond “magicians”. In this way we see a literal transformation from the crusader (Tijax) through death (Kame) to the higher self (Ix). This is the potential of the Kame day, to face ones fears and attain a higher perspective, to advance the journey of your soul. This is also a day to remember your ancestors and friends that have passed into the other realm, to remember what they taught you, and to thank them for their wisdom that helped you to grow.

The Number Nine

The number nine is the number of lunations in the human gestation period and in the sacred calendar. The sacred calendar is known as a calendar of life, and it is women that give life. As such the number nine is seen as the number of life and the number of the divine feminine. It gives all that it is attached to a strong feminine presence. It is a day on which women may wish to give thanks for their gifts.


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