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New Video – The Trecena of Tijax (23rd December 2019 – 4th January 2020)

The trecena of Tijax presents an opportunity to release what is causing imbalance in life in order to promote healing, to cut through to our truth. It is a time of refinement as we polish our inner diamond.

Recorded at the “Living the Sacred Mayan Calendar” event at Samsara’s Garden, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala on 13 No’j (22nd December 2019)

New Video – The Trecena of E’ (27th November – 9th December 2019)

The Trecena of E’ brings us the opportunity to take a new path, a new journey of discovery to colour and enrich our existence. Whether is is a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual journey that we undertake, this is the time to seek the novelty that keeps life fresh.

If you are interested in taking a journey of discovery with us, you can find out the details on the JunAjpu retreat here: www.fourpillarsretreats.com


The Trecena of Kej (23rd September – 5th October 2019)

The Trecena of Kej gives us the opportunity to reconnect to the energy of the natural world, strengthening the spiritual leader within each one of us.

I recorded my workshop yesterday to make a new video, but unfortunately, background noise has rendered it unusable. So, I will recycle this video from earlier in the year. The key points of the video are the same (so don’t be concerned that the dates on the video are January 2019), but it also gives us an opportunity to reflect on what happened to us the last time this trecena came around – where were we in the second two weeks of January, and what was going on in our lives?