9 Iq’ 0 Nabe Mam – The Seating of The New Mam

The Seating of the New Mam is the moment that the Wayeb has ended, when the period of retreat has finished and we can emerge from our “cave” back into the real world. In some communities, this would be celebrated with feasting and drinking, welcoming in the new grandfather who will guide us through the next revolution of the sun.

This year is governed by the Mam 9 Iq’. In addition to 9 Iq’ carrying the energy of the day, it is also carrying the energy of this new year. The properties and benefits brought by the nawal 9 Iq’ are discussed in my post for the day of 9 Iq’ here. The energy of this day is a representative of the energy which we will be living with for the whole year. The general feeling of this year should be about the life changes and the voices of women.

The new Mam may take a little while to settle in. This is usually the first 20 days. Whilst it is obvious that the “administration” has changed, it takes a little time for all the promises made in the campaign to be adhered to. Nothing in nature moves in a square wave, it is always a gentle transition more akin to a sine wave. This is the first light of dawn, the day is just beginning, but we are still experiencing a little of the cold of the night. It will not be until midday, the height of the cycle that we will experience the fullest expression of the energy of this year lord. We can expect that in around 140 days or so, 12 Iq’ (19th June 2021).

The last time we experienced an Iq’ year was 2017, which was the year 5 Iq’. Iq’ years are known to be turbulent, as the spirit of the wind blows change into the world. This change is what brings life, but of course may also bring in controversy, upset, resistance and challenges, particularly through words. It is a time when we might expect some outspoken behaviour, which may be as inspiring as it is challenging. It is particularly interesting to note that this year we have 9 Iq, the 9 representing life and the feminine. It could certainly lead to the voices of women being powerfully influential in this year. It is also a time to remember the breath of life. Iq’ days are days to give thanks for our ability to breathe, and after the previous year, it is interesting to note that 9 Iq’ should be a year of embracing the life breath, and giving thanks for the health of our lungs and the quality of our air.

On a grander scheme of things, the cycle of the year bearers repeats every 52 years. Of course, we do not relive exactly the same experiences, but we may see similarities with the last time this year bearer was in office. That was the year 1969, when Mam would have taken his seat on the Gregorian day 4th March. This gives us the opportunity to understand how to engage with the benefits of, and avoid the errors committed during, the previous incarnation of the Mam 9 Iq’.  For some ideas on major events of 1969 (and there were some very interesting ones – the Moon landing and Woodstock to name just two), please click here.

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  1. Thank you for all your time and dedicated. I look forward to your post daily and appreciate all the details and explanation. Happy Mayan New Year! Wish you the best!

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