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8 Kan (17th February 2022)

  • 8 KanThe day 8 Kan has a potential to show both the positive and negative aspects of the nawal Kan in their entirety. This may lead to some rather interesting revelations.
An ancestor brings wisdom through the vision serpent. Feathered Serpent Diety, detail of Classic Maya lintel at Yaxchilan, from ''A Study of Maya Art'' by Herbert Spinden, 1913 {{PD-US}}
An ancestor brings wisdom through the vision serpent. Feathered Serpent Diety, detail of Classic Maya lintel at Yaxchilan, from ”A Study of Maya Art” by Herbert Spinden, 1913 {{PD-US}}

Whenever dealing with a serpent, caution should be advised and despite the balanced number attached here, the energy of this day may be rather dramatic. Power, and particularly power over others maybe a strong theme of today. The number 8 allows us to experience both the beginning and the end, the dark and the light, that make up this power, ultimately resulting in balance. The energy of Kan has the possibility of giving a day of political chicanery, of manipulation and illusion. The combination with the number 8, today gives us a real opportunity to engage with our wisdom to see behind this illusion, to see things as they truly are. It is a day when we may learn from both the positive and negative results of the application of power. This may lead to understanding how we can use the wisdom derived to empower our communities as well as ourselves.

The eighth day of the trecena can also be seen as a day of ceremony, a day to celebrate the qualities of the nawal with which it is associated. Kan has the ability to impart wisdom, and to empower, so is seen as a day of our teachers. Therefore, this day can be seen as a day of ceremony to celebrate the teachers in our life.

Lady Xoc pierces her tongue and receives wisdom for her people from her ancestor emerging from the mouth of the vision serpent. From
Lady Xoc pierces her tongue and receives wisdom for her people from her ancestor emerging from the mouth of the vision serpent. From

Kan is one of the more powerful nawales and it represents just that – power. It is connected to serpents, and serpent symbolism is very strong in Maya mythology. In the past, lightning was referred to as sky serpents, and what is seen in the outer world is reflected by the inner world. The power of Kan comes from something which is referred to as itz or coyopa, the lightning in the blood. This is the power which may also be known as Ki, Chi, Prana, kundalini or “the force”. It is life force energy. Kundalini is a sanskrit word actually meaning coiled, like a snake. When working with any of these energies, training must be undertaken in order to understand how to use them. In its most positive aspect, the energy of Kan brings great wisdom; in its negative aspect, great destruction. A lack of understanding or control of this power can lead to undesirable consequences. The dark side of Kan can seduce with its power, and a very sexy power it is too, holding its prey in an almost hypnotic grip with its allure. It can become the ultimate ego trap.

However, it is also said that the feathered serpent Q’uq’umatz (also known as Kulkulkan or Quetzalcoatl) brought wisdom, through the sciences of astronomy and agriculture, to the ancient Maya. Here we see the positive aspect of Kan, where the ability to work with the body lightning brings great wisdom. People born on a Kan day can become some of the greatest healers or psychics, or they can become the darkest sorcerers and manipulators.

The number 8 is considered to be a number of wholeness. It can be seen as birth (1) and death (7) combined to represent the whole cycle of the soul. It can also be seen as the point where the four first men who raised the sky from the sea were joined by their wives and the world become whole. It is the most common day for ceremonies to be made, it is still in the balanced range of numbers and is an even number, which is also considered fortunate. As this wholeness represents every aspect of the energy of the day with which it is coupled, it is the wholeness of the nawal that is addressed in ceremony.

One thought on “8 Kan (17th February 2022)”

  1. Well, I’ve definitely noticed myself joking around with others exerting my power, and trying to build connections to heavenly aspirations. Learned from mistakes/negative, and positive/fun. Hopefully I have empowered my friends, as I could have a natural tendency to do this from my co-efficient of 5. It’s fun to have 5 friends, and bounce back and forth boosting each others spirits.
    I reflect often about the Serpents, and their heavenly connections and what I had at one point and how lucky I was to know one in such a way. Great destruction proved to be true at the time, but if you ask me now it was worth it to be in her presence. I had a lot of fun, and it would have seemed perfect for me. Her daughter was 9 Serpent, just like her. A oddity, a 1 in 260 shot, if that, more like 1 in a million. Son was 4 Jaguar, and other son was 5 Serpent. A house full of Serpents, you can learn a few things! A lot of connections to the heavens happened. The odds of a mother and daughter sharing the same birthday, and having another Serpent and another Jaguar. But don’t dwell on the past for too long, wisdom sets in and you gotta go.

    8 Serpent was also a day I snapped in 2008, that I was at one point scared of. I went back in history to figure out what or why it happened. I was associating 8 with Justice, versus balance. Its great to know 8 is harmless and beneficial for many things.

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