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8 Imox (18th February 2021)

8 ImoxThe wholeness of all-that-is can be a very big thing to comprehend, in fact trying to do so could even drive you insane. Perhaps this is where the crazy image of Imox comes from, but this is certainly not what it is all about.

The day 8 Imox is a good day to make ceremonies for the great lakes, the oceans and large bodies of water. This is a day to give thanks for the sustenance we receive from the waters, and to ask for pardon for the pollution we allow to happen. It is a day to recognise the essence of life, and celebrate our connection to the waters of life.

This day 8 Imox is a recognition of the spirit of the times, both the things we embrace and the things we push away. They all came from the same source. It is a celebration of the dream world, the limitless potential that we can draw on to bring our creation into this world. It is a day on which we give thanks for the dreams that we are able to manifest into the physical world, and ask that we are able to continue to successfully navigate the dream world for further inspiration. It is a day when we ask for safety on our nightly journeys into the abyss, so that we can find our way back to reality again.

The energy of 8 Imox brings a day to bring wholeness to your creations or dreams. It is the day to put the final parts into the project, or to tap into the spirit of the times for guidance on how to complete your project. It is time to connect with the part of the collective consciousness with which you resonate strongest to bring wholeness to your dream, and to remember your wholeness as an individual outside of the collective. Discernment may be called for, to understand when to dissociate from the collective, to remember your individuality, and to pull yourself back out of an unhealthy group consciousness.

White water lilies. There is some evidence that the flowers were used by the priest/kings to induce visions of the otherworld. Picture by Mark Elmy

Nawal Imox represents the collective consciousness, the great ocean. It is the moment before the “big bang”, when all that existed was the dream of the creator. It is everything and nothing in one place, the ovum from which reality was conceived. Imox is still very much in the other world, requiring another component to physically manifest the dream into reality.

Imox is considered to be a feminine nawal. Sometimes called water lily, sometimes crocodile, it is an embodiment of the primordial. It was from the great ocean that the four first men raised sky to create the world which we inhabit. Imox can also be seen as the Darwinian swamp from which all life emerged. It is fertile and creative, the mother that gave birth to our entire reality.

As the water lily, Imox is probably a representative of  Nymphaea alba, the white water lily. It has been suggested that the white water lily was smoked by the ancient Maya in a similar way to the blue lotus was used by the Egyptians. It was a plant which allowed access to the otherworld, a plant from which visions came if used correctly.

Imox is our common origin, and as such links us all together. It is the place of dreams, the collective conscious we delve into on our nightly voyages. It may also relate to the place that certain plant medicines take us to in order to bring us wisdom. However, as the font of all of creation, Imox harbours the dark as well as the light. When faced with the entirety of creation, the line between sanity and madness may become blurred.

Imox is a day to celebrate the spirit of the times, to understand the collective mind, particularly of humanity. It is a day to dream your creations, your art, your music. It is a day when we may all feel connected, a day when the psychic field between us may be particularly strong. Discernment may be called for, to understand when to dissociate from the collective, to remember your individuality, and to pull yourself back out of the dream world.

The number 8 is considered to be a number of wholeness. It can be seen as birth (1) and death (7) combined to represent the whole cycle of the soul. It can also be seen as the point where the four first men who raised the sky from the sea were joined by their wives and the world become whole. It is the most common day for ceremonies to be made, it is still in the balanced range of numbers and is an even number, which is also considered fortunate. As this wholeness represents every aspect of the energy of the day with which it is coupled, it is the wholeness of the nawal that is addressed in ceremony.

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  1. Saw There Are Maya Hyroglyphs In Egypt In Egypt Maya Means Water Allothers Ma
    The Shore Is Where Terestial Life Started Big Chief Imosh
    My Father Was 2/Imosh Crazy Wisdom But He Would Rise-up From The Murky Depths He Was Hard Like Rock

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