8 E’ (2nd September 2020)

8 E'E’ days are usually considered fortunate, especially when travel is involved and today it is combined with the number of wholeness. This could be a day where physical travel and life path become one.

This is the day of the sacred journey, the day of the pilgrimage. E’ is empowered by the strength, wisdom, spirit and abundance from the four directions in both the masculine and feminine aspects. It contains both the beginning and the end of the journey, representing the constant cycling of the path.

Today should be an excellent day to start a physical journey of special significance, the day of the ceremonial journey. It is a day to give thanks for all the experiences of your journey that have helped to enrich and inspire your mind, body and soul. It is also a day on which ceremonies are made to ask for the path ahead to be cleared from obstructions, to bring the smooth road for our journeys. In this way the days carrying the number 8 bridge the final energy of the 7 and the initialising energy of the 1, bringing together both past and future journeys.

It is from your journey that you derive your wisdom and your story, and it is these things that you can pass on to the next generation to help them along their life path. Today is a celebration of all we have learned in life.

On this day, celebrating both our physical and spiritual paths, it seems appropriate to mention once again our retreat in Peten in March 2021, the JunAjpu Retreat. It is a 13 day journey of discovery, both internal and external as we guide you through connection with your essence, the hero within you. This will be through ceremony, through site visits, and through the six days of jungle hiking, reaching the incredible destination of El Mirador.

If you would like to know more, please visit the dedicated page for The Four Pillars Retreats

The trail up to the first platform of La Danta at El Mirador

Nawal E’ represents the journey of discovery, the life path in both its physical and spiritual aspects. E’ is the explorer, it craves novelty. It inspires travel to understand different cultures and ways of life, it is a seeker of experience. It can be a thrill seeker, and sometimes will take risks to understand what it is examining. Whilst it gains experience and understanding through physical travel, E’ also drives us to explore our inner world, helping us to understand our own minds and hearts, and those of others. E’ sometimes creates a restlessness, the desire to find new things within the world means that E’ finds it difficult to sit still.

E’ can sometimes cause us to explore simply for the sake of exploration, we seek the new experience because it is there. This can give rise to a lack of direction, aimless wandering. However, even in its wanderings E’ is discovering. It may not know exactly where it is going, but it will when it gets there. In it’s best aspect, E’ seeks out knowledge and experience in order to form an understanding which brings wisdom. E’ enjoys sharing the wisdom gained with its peers, for the enrichment of the community.

E’ is another of the classic  carriers of the year, or year lords. It is said that E’ years tend to be some of the more gentle and favourable years. E’  is seen as a good natured nawal. E’ days are considered to be good days on which to travel and explore, whether that be externally or internally. It is a day to find or remember your path, a day to ask for your path to be cleared of obstructions, and a day to ask for guidance and protection on your path.

The number 8 is considered to be a number of wholeness. It can be seen as birth (1) and death (7) combined to represent the whole cycle of the soul. It can also be seen as the point where the four first men who raised the sky from the sea were joined by their wives and the world become whole. It is the most common day for ceremonies to be made, it is still in the balanced range of numbers and is an even number, which is also considered fortunate. As this wholeness represents every aspect of the energy of the day with which it is coupled, it is the wholeness of the nawal that is addressed in ceremony.

2 thoughts on “8 E’ (2nd September 2020)”

  1. Dear Mark!
    Cloud you explain me what is a Carrier of the Year? Which are the others? How many of them are there?
    Thanks form Angela Fischer

  2. Hello Angela. Because the solar year consists of 365 days and the sacred calendar 260 days, the carrier of the year can only fall one of four days of the sacred calendar, Iq’, Kej, E’ and No’j. There are 13 different variations of each, giving a 52 year cycle of Year bearers, and a pattern to our life which revolves around our completing 52 cycles of the sun. If you search my site and look around 20th February, you will see more information about each year bearer, as that is where the new year has fallen for the last four years. Next year will fall on 19th February and will be the year 9 Iq’

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