recognise the leader within ourselves

7 Q’anil 1 Wayeb – The Second Day of Wayeb

The second day of the Wayeb is said to represent recognition of yourself, during your introspective period. This is combined with the day representing maturing and ripening. This is a day to identify the things within you that have been brought to their fruition in the year 10 Kej.

7 Q’anil can be seen as the final ripening. It is a day which invokes the moment when we know that what we have been growing has come full term, that the ripening process is now complete and it is time to choose where we wish to focus next. What do you recognise that has ripened within you? What are you ready to give thanks for and move on from? How has your connection with nature and your place within your community (represented by Kej and 10 respectively) helped you to mature in this solar year, and what are you now choosing to mature as you go forward?

Pawahtuun, also known as Mam and god N. Known as the god of the Wayeb and the number five. An old man that carries a conch shell, who was both a beloved creator and a trickster. From the Dresden Codex

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