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7 No’j (1st March 2022)

7 N'oj

The energy of the day 7 No’j may see knowledge and theories from different sources coalescing to form one combined idea as the plan is finalised.

Today, the nawal No’j combines with the number 7, the number of endings and finality. This suggests that now is the time to finalise plans. These plans may be coming from many directions, and it may lead to some confusion as to which ones to develop. This is the day to make the decision, from this vantage point you can see them all for what they are. The problem solving intellect of No’j and the balance and finality of the number 7 should give rise to extremely practical solutions for conclusion.

Within the cycle of the year are many sub-cycles. I often mention the cycle of the trecenas, but here is another, the 20 day cycle. The theme of this 20 day cycle, from 7 No’j to 1 No’j, should be finishing off one plan or set of ideas so that the  new ideas can be born in the future. So, not only should the energy of today highlight a drive to get things finished off, this should continue for the next 20 days.

A depiction of the Earth Lord, the patron of the day Caban (No’j). He makes a sacrifice of his own blood so that the maize, sustenance of the people, will sprout. Representative of fertility and abundance through the cycle of life, death and resurrection. From the Dresden Codex.

The nawal No’j is the nawal of thought, of intelligence and intellect. Within the count of days, there are two geniuses. B’atz is the creative genius, No’j the intellectual one. No’j is an energy of masculine, logical thought. No’j is the problem solver, it gives ideas and solutions which work in the real world. No’j gives a different way to understand situations, and through this ability comes innovation. It is thought, but also understanding and, indeed, knowing. As such, No’j is also a day associated with divination.

This energy is not necessarily social, it can lead to becoming absorbed into one’s work, lost in one’s thoughts. The influence of No’j can create ideas which may be very much ahead of their time. Do not be surprised if ideas you have on this day take a little time to catch on, the people you express the ideas to may need a little time to process, to see the genius within the idea.

No’j is also one of the classic year bearers, or year lords. As a year bearer it is thought to be one of the more beneficial and benign energies. The year 2016  was the year 4 No’j, the next occurrence was 2020, the year 8 No’j.

Number Sequence.jpg
The sequence of numbers as they appear with each appearance of a nawal. Here we see that the sequence begins with 1 and ends with 7, giving 7 as a number of finality.

The number seven is the mid-point of the range of numbers. It is known as a number of death and endings, which would seem strange as it is only half way through. It is another representation of the change of state of the soul, showing half of the journey (1-6) in the mortal world and half (8-13) in the otherworld.

The numbers of the days set out as a pyramid.
The numbers of the days as they appear through the trecena. Here they can also be set out as a pyramid, reaching the peak is also the end of a journey.

If we imagine the numbers 1 through 13 as a pyramid, the number seven would be at the top. Seven is the number of balance, it gives the ability to weigh up situations and see all points of view. While this may be very noble, it may lead to indecision.


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