The Third Closing Day

6 Kawok 2 Wayeb – The Third Day of Wayeb

The third day of Wayeb focuses on acceptance. When we combine this with the day 6 Kawok, we can understand that it can be about what can, and what cannot, be healed within our family.

Kawok is a very feminine nawal, and is the patron of the healing women. In particular it is the day of the midwife, the rain who helps the new seed to grow. But the rain can also destroy, it can bring the floods which wash away that which can no longer move forward. It always strikes me how Kawok, the feminine essence of healing, the compassionate one, follows Tijax, the masculine aspect of healing. The surgeon may begin the process, but it is the compassionate aftercare which really completes it. As we travel through the Wayeb, this day brings an excellent opportunity to accept that which needs to be washed away in order to bring stability and growth, particularly around family matters. This in turn allows us to emerge into the energy of the new Mam 9 Iq’ revitalised, re-energised and reborn.


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